American Eskimo Dog

A small to medium-size Nordic-type dog, the American Eskimo Dog is known for its bright white coat, jet black points (lips, nose and eye rims) and erect triangular ears. Although once used as a circus dog, they are primarily companion dogs today and participate in conformation, obedience and agility competitions. The breed's white double coat consists of a short, dense undercoat, with longer guard hairs forming an outer coat that stands off from the body.

Breed Profile

The American Eskimo Dog is intelligent, alert, and friendly, although slightly conservative. It is never overly shy, nor aggressive, and such dogs are to be severely penalized in the show ring.  At home, it is an excellent watchdog, sounding a warning bark to announce the arrival of any stranger.  It is protective of its home and family, although it does not threaten to bite or attack people.  The American Eskimo Dog learns new tasks quickly and is eager to please.