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Espree manufactures a blend of natural and organic pet grooming solutions that are both safe and effective. As the preferred product for professional groomers for 22 years, Espree provides a solution-specific line with more than 75 different products created for the well-being of the pet, their devoted human and the professionals who care for them. Espree's products are distinguished by their contents - natural and organic ingredients that are gentle and safe. Espree uses the finest 100% certified organic aloe vera in every product. Aloe is the highest percentage ingredient in every Espree product. The company has grown steadily because of its expertise and innovation in the development of pet grooming products.

Company Philosophy
Espree's philosophy is to combine the wisdom of nature with innovative technology to deliver premium, wholesome solutions for grooming and pet care. The cornerstone upon which Espree Animal Products, Inc. was built is our dedication to pets and our family of pet friendly customers to solve your pet's problems with effective, natural, wholesome solutions. Since 1989, it has been our uncompromised belief that simple, natural ingredients are gentler and safer for pets and owners alike.

Signature Ingredients
Espree defines natural as "derived from plant, vegetable or mineral origin, primarily through physical processing, sometimes facilitated by simple chemical reactions." Formulated from human-grade ingredients, almost every Espree product contains more than 95% natural ingredients and more than 50% certified organic ingredients, enhanced with natural herbal and fruit extracts. All are biodegradable, sustainable and safe for the environment. All Espree Animal Products meet established human safety standards, are not likely to cause skin irritation or allergies, are pesticide free, and are not tested on animals.

Organic Aloe Vera - Gel from the inner filet of the aloe plant is the main ingredient in Espree products. Aloe Vera is a powerful skin and coat hydrator and is absorbed into the skin 4 times faster than water. Aloe Vera helps heal allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites and minor abrasions while alleviating swelling and boosting immune response.

Plant Based & Coconut-Based Cleansers - derived from Coconut or Plants based sources.

Tea Tree Oil - also known as melaleuca, is well-known for it's healing properties. Espree blends Tea Tree Oil in some of its most popular products to help with itchy skin, flea bite dermatitis and to soothe seasonal itching.

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein - a soluble Oat Protein which makes the active properties of Oat more available in the product for skin and coat hydration. It is lightweight and does not weigh down coat.

Witch Hazel - helps soothe razor burn, contact rashes and bug bites with it's anti-inflammatory properties as well as clean pores and soothe dry flaky skin. Witch Hazel's anti-microbial action soothes skin conditions caused by bacterial irritation.

Argan Oil - proven to make coat softer, silkier and shinier. Originally from the Argan tree in Morocco. Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help heal and repair skin and coat.

Keratin - called the "touch protein", because it is the major component of coat, skin, and nails. It is a natural protein that penetrates and seals each shaft of hair. Natural Keratin fibers provide each strand of hair in the coat with an outer protective shield which smooths the cuticle and increases strength and elasticity. Keratin is a surface protective agent with film-forming, moisturizing action.

Coconut Oil - deeply penetrates skin and coat for optimal health and luminous shine. It helps to nourish and strengthen underlying tissues and promotes release of dry, dead cells on the skin's surface.

Avocado Oil - is the oil from the seed and the pulp of an avocado. It is excellent for use in creams, lotions, and hair preparations because of its nourishing and conditioning effect on dry skin and hair. Avocado Oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that can regenerate skin cells and unclog pores where allergens hide. For this reason, it is very helpful with seasonal allergies. Avocado Oil has been found to significantly increase the water-soluble collagen content in the dermis skin layer.

Products and Categories
More than 75 green products for dog, cat and horse care in the following categories:

Classic care: basic cleaning products, such as Bright White Shampoo Advanced care: therapeutic solutions and remedies, such as Tea Tree and Aloe Healing Conditioner Coat renewal: solutions to renew, revitalize and remoisturize coats, such as Milk and Honey Shampoo Odor neutralizing: formulations such as Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo to eliminate odors Scent renewal: provides a rich, fragrant experience, such as Plum Perfect Shampoo Show style: products for pet shows to hold, texture, volume and shine, such as Freeze! Hair Hold Professional care: sold in larger sizes for the pet care professional Cat care: especially for cats, such as Energee Plus Cat Shampoo Horse care: award-winning products specifically formulated for horses

Product Development
Based on feedback from professional pet groomers and pet care specialists, Espree develops products with natural and certified organic ingredients designed to meet specific requests and precisely identified needs. Staff scientists and groomers work to formulate and test new products to assure exceptional quality control.

Retail nationwide in all PETCO stores
Wholesale to professionals via internet, phone and mail order
Pet supply distributors in 16 states
Horse supply distributors in 13 states
Internationally in more than 35 countries in Europe and Asia.

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray First Choice, 2007, Horse Journal
Aloe Herbal Horse Spray, Top Pick 2005, Horse Journal
Plum Perfect Facial, Product of the Year 2008, Dog Fancy magazine
Liniment and Body Wash, Top Pick 2009, Mild Liniment
Rated #1 grooming product line in Sweden
Best New Grooming Product 3rd Place 2011, Superzoo
Cat Grooming - Bright White Cat Shampoo 2012, Pet Business Industry Recognition Award
Best New Equine Product 2nd Place 2013, Superzoo
Best New Grooming Product 1st Place 2014, Superzoo
Best New Equine Product 1st Place 2014, Superzoo
Best New Equine Product 2nd Place 2014, Superzoo
Best New Equine Product 2nd Place 2015, Superzoo

In 1989 Teri Jones launched Espree Animal Products as a way to combine her passion for animals with her family's experience in manufacturing natural, aloe vera based products. Using natural and certified organic products is at the center of Teri's core beliefs, and she is passionate in her belief that animals should reap the benefits, too.

The company began with only five products, primarily formulated for pet professionals. In order to meet growing demand for its green products, Espree has expanded its line to provide more than 75 products for dogs, cats and horses. Over the past 10 years, Espree's popularity has grown with pet owners seeking natural and organic products that solve their pet's issues safely and effectively.

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