3 Ways Dry Shampoo Can Make Your Day Easier in the Salon

Shannon Moore, NCMG  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

You’re not imagining it: Dry shampoos are all the rage and are making their way into the pet market and grooming salons.  As professional pet stylists, we know that nothing beats a good old fashion bath and brush out, but dry shampoos definitely have their place in grooming salons and on your grooming table. Here are 3 ways a dry shampoo can help you on in the salon:

  1. Absorb Excess Oil from the Skin and Coat

Dry shampoo is a great tool for those pooches that have overactive oil glands.  I use dry shampoo before the bath and let them sit for 15-30 minutes to let the dry shampoo do its magic. I take a brush and lightly brush through the coat to help distribute the dry shampoo throughout the coat to absorb the excess oil.  Then bathe and style as desired.

  1. Give the Coat More Volume, Thickness, and Texture

Everyone has those clients that come in with a picture of a full-coated breed and want their barely maintained pooch to look just like that picture.  After explaining that there is not enough coat on their pup, you can turn to a shampoo to help add more body to the coat and achieve the look they want.  I really love to use it on the legs of dogs that have a “not so great coat” to give that added boost of volume and texture. It is also fantastic to use at the occiput to get hair to stand up when you have floppy head hair. Just make sure you do not get it in their eyes.

  1. De-matting

Yes, you read that correctly.  Dry shampoo works its magic on a matted coat.  Simply spray the matted area and use a slicker brush to help separate and divide the coat.  It works especially well if you have an undercoated breed with a packed coat that you cannot get through.  Saturate the coat with dry shampoo, separate and divide with your favorite slicker brush, then use a force dryer on the coat.  Dry shampoo used as a de-matting tool needs to be done before the bath so you can wash out the product.

Even though we aren’t using dry shampoo to freshen up a pet, there are many ways a dry shampoo can make our day a little easier in the salon.  And, at the end of the day, you can use it on your own hair to freshen up if you need to.

4 Reasons Not To Shave A Dog

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products Director of Grooming Education Southlake, TX

Many pet owners think that shaving a dog down would help them stay cooler in the summer, but that is quite the contrary. The coat serves as a protector for the dog as it is the dog’s shade from the elements.

Typically, undercoat is thinner during warmer months which allows air to get all the way down to the skin to help with overheating.  In order for air to make it all the way down to the skin, it is important to keep your dog brushed out, so mats will not interfere with proper air circulation.  The coat must separate and divide all the way down to the skin.  In addition, the dog’s hair serves as a thermal regulator to slow down the process of heat absorption.  If the dog’s coat is shaved down, you are taking away their shade to help the regulate their body temperature. In addition to exposure to heat, there are many other dangers to shaving your dog in the summertime:

  1. Risk of sunburn.
  2. Expose the skin to insect bites.
  3. The coat could grow back thicker making it more difficult to regulate body temperature.
  4. The coat could grow back unevenly, and bald spots could occur with repeat shave downs.


What can pet owners do to help protect their dog during the summer months?

  1. Keep your pet brushed out so the coat can separate and divide all the way to the skin.
  2. Rather than shave your dog down, have your stylist shorten the furnishings for ease of maintenance.
  3. Choose products containing a touch of sunscreen.

Maintaining A Coat Between Baths

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Director of Grooming Education, Southlake, TX

An integral part of maintaining a healthy dog is ensuring the skin and coat remain in good condition. The amount of grooming your dog needs will vary, but all dogs need to have a consistent grooming regimen regardless of the length of coat.  Between grooming and bathing appointments, dogs will still need some maintenance in order to maintain their coat.  Dogs with more coat will require more maintenance, but smooth coated dogs will need some work too.

Here are 4 ways to help maintain your dog’s coat in between baths and help keep them fresh and clean.

  1. Use a waterless bath between grooming to help control odor.
  2. Never brush a dry coat. It is best to use a brushing spray like Espree’ s Aloe Hydrating Spray in order to prevent the coat from breaking and to help the skin and coat stay hydrated.
  3. Brush the coat every day until the coat becomes dirty. Daily brushing helps remove dead hair and will help reduce matting.
  4. Mist the coat occasionally with your favorite Espree cologne to help break down any odors and keep your pet smelling fresh!

Shed Happens!

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Grooming Education Director, Southlake, TX

De-Shedding Is A Win-Win

All dogs shed to some degree.  It is a natural process that allows new coat to come in.  Some breeds shed all year, while others shed seasonally.  Most stylists offer a de-shed add-on service or program in the salon to help pet parents deal with the insurmountable amount of hair the pet is leaving around the house.   When clients have guests come over to their home and have dog hair everywhere, especially on their furniture, it can be embarrassing for them.  More importantly, dogs can become uncomfortable with having so much excessive coat. Having a coat that is packed with hair can contribute to the pet’s inability to regulate their own body temperature which can be dangerous during the summer and winter months. Sometimes they will become itchy or even develop a myriad of skin issues including bacterial and yeast infections. Offering a de-shedding service is necessary and advisable for all parties involved, especially the dog.

What exactly does de-shedding mean?

It is the removal of undercoat that would have eventually ended up all over the house, furniture, and your clothes.  Shedding is a natural process, so you do not want to try to stop it!  De-shedding treatments are designed to accelerate the shedding process by removing the loose coat that would eventually end up of all over the client’s home.  De-shed shampoos and treatments ideally should change the pH by lowering it from the normal 6.5 – 7.5 range. The cortex of the cuticle opens up and allows any loose coat to slip out. Espree’s Simple Shed Shampoo and Simple Shed Treatment does this. It is also enhanced with proteins and amino acids to help fortify and strengthen overworked and damaged hair, so the result is a healthy, shiny coat.  Sometimes a De-Shed Treatment can appear drying to the coat due to the reduction in pH.  I always recommend using a De-Shed Treatment or Conditioner after shampooing to help restore moisture to the skin and coat. The end result is a beautiful, healthy coat where the coat can separate and divide so the skin can breathe.  It is an all-around win-win for the dog, the client, and the pet stylist.

Recommended tools and equipment for De-Shed Services:

Espree Simple Shed Shampoo

Espree Simple Shed Treatment

High-Velocity Dryer

De-Shed Tool

Happy De-shedding!!!!

Why Aloe?

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Grooming Education Director, Southlake, TX

The Aloe Vera plant is incredibly versatile and most effective on a variety of skin issues. It is not only rich in vitamins A, E, and C but it also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, Aloe Vera can permeate the skin more effectively than other remedies including water. It is absorbed into the skin four times faster than water thus making it a powerful skin hydrator.

Aloe Vera provides a wholesome solution to meet the needs of so many pets. It has an abundance of healing properties as well. It exfoliates the skin helping to remove dead and damaged skin cells. It also helps decrease itching through its antipruritic properties. It also has anti-microbial properties with its ability to kill certain bacteria, yeast, and fungus. It promotes healing so wounds and skin irritations heal approximately 1.3 faster than normal. The healing power of Aloe Vera is like magic. It brings immediate relief to allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites, and minor abrasions while simultaneously alleviating swelling and boosting immune response.

The inner filet of the aloe plant can provide a healthy, healing solution for a wide variety of skin issues including:

  1. Dandruff. Aloe will soothe, moisturize, and nourish the dry skin. The anti-fungal properties of Aloe will also help solve the problem as well.
  2. Dry, cracked noses and paws. Aloe is an excellent hydrator providing immediate relief.
  3. Hot Spots. Aloe provides instant relief and will accelerate the healing process if used several times each day.
  4. Cleaning facial folds. Aloe based products are great to use to inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast in facial folds.

The healing power of Aloe Vera is like magic. It brings immediate relief to allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites, and minor abrasions while simultaneously alleviating swelling and boosting immune response.

Stinky Dogs: How Can You Get Rid of the Smell?

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Grooming Education Director, Southlake, TX


The best way to get rid of the odor from a stinky dog is a good old-fashioned bath! However, if you are like most people, you may find that more than just a few days go by before you can actually give your dog a bath.  Here are some ways to keep your dog smelling fresh and looking their best in between bath days:

1. Try using Espree Wipes as a way to freshen up the coat, remove dirt, food stains, and odor from your pet in between baths.

2. A great interim is the waterless bath.  When there is no time for a full bath, waterless baths are quick and easy.  Use between baths to clean bathroom mishaps and accidents, remove excess oil, dirt, odor, and stains.  Lightly mist over the coat and towel dry.  It’s that easy to keep your pet looking fresh and odor free.

3. Espree  Oatmeal Baking Soda Spray can help manage the odor between baths as well.  The spray is infused with baking soda and oatmeal to help provide relief to itchy skin while eliminating odor molecules.  This spray can be used before or after a good old-fashioned bath to help eliminate that “doggy smell” in addition, to freshening up your pet in between baths.

4. We have the perfect solution for those tough odors that seem to be impossible to conquer.  Espree Extreme Odor Eliminating Spray will naturally neutralize the odor removing the smell, even from skunks.  The proprietary blend contains Aloe Vera, Alum, and our Secret Agent 20 has the capability of eliminating the odor like the smell was never there.

Wash Out Those Mixing Bottles

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming Education Espree Animal Products Southlake, TX


As groomers, we take so many precautions to ensure the safety and well- being of our clients from salon safety procedures, using a variety of fabulous products, state of the art equipment, providing a clean and healthy environment, and the list goes on and on.  We sometimes overlook a very basic component of our routine, the importance of cleaning out the mixing bottles. When diluting, handling, and using product, it is imperative to keep hygiene at the top of our list.

Hygienic Guidelines for Mixing Professional Strength Product:

1. Wash all containers and caps with very hot water and a sterilizing solution before mixing concentrated shampoo and conditioner, preferably the night before and let the container air dry.

2. Any unused diluted material should be discarded at the end of the day.  If you can’t bear to throw away product, bathe your own dog to get rid of the product.

3. Do not mix an entire gallon of product unless you plan on using it all by the end of the day.

4. Don’t forget to wash the caps of the mixing bottles as they can hold bacteria, mold, and fungus.  This can transfer to the animal during bathing.

It is important to remember that the contamination of product can cause pets to have a reaction to the shampoo mix if it is contaminated with bacteria, mold, or fungus from improper cleaning and handling of the mixing bottles.  Unfortunately, there are not any hygiene regulations for pet groomers.  It is our responsibility as a professional stylist to set forth a standard protocol for providing proper hygiene in our salons.  This hygiene extends all the way to something as simple as a mixing bottle.

4 Ways To Use Espree’s Luxury Remoisturizer Conditioner

Shannon Moore, NCMG, Director of Grooming Education, Espree Animal Products, Southlake TX

Everyone has their favorite products to use for different coat issues. I have always considered myself a “collector” when it comes to grooming products and equipment.  I want my conditioners to have the capability of turning a dry, brittle coat into a beautiful one by providing some serious hydration.  Espree’s Luxury Remoisturizer Conditioner has become my “go to” conditioner to promote moisture and manageability while locking in hydration.

Here are 4 different ways to use this versatile conditioner:

  1. Regular Conditioner with a dilution rate of 32:1. The Luxury Remoisturizer is recommended for all coat types. Used at this dilution rate it will keep the coat texture true to type.  It also has the ability to replace moisture lost through bathing, blow-drying, and exposure to sun and wind.  It reduces matting and promotes hair growth.
  2. Deep Conditioning Treatment with a dilution rate of 16:1. This type of treatment is ideal for any coat that is cottony, silky, or mats easily, and dogs going through coat change. I warm the diluted conditioner to luke warm and apply to coat making certain the product is distributed from root to tip. Allow it to sit on the coat for 60 – 90 seconds and rinse immediately.  Slightly cool the water temperature down when rinsing the coat.  This Deep Conditioning Treatment will improve texture and shine, while keeping the coat static free.  It is a great way to control the most difficult coats while reducing matting and tangling.
  3. Detangler. Dilute 50:1. Saturate the mats and carefully separate with your fingers.  Then gently brush with a slicker section by section until you can glide a comb through the matted area.  I use it as a Detangling Spray before the bath. Conquer mats and tangles without the drama associated with detangling.
  4.  Leave In Conditioner. Dilute 50:1 and you have a very light leave in conditioner. It will hold and protect coats from matting and tangling.  Excellent for breaking down a coat while minimizing damage from gels and other styling products. It is also great to use to set a part on a drop coat.

View the Luxury Remoisturizer Conditioner on our website.

Protect Your Dog’s Feet

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming Education, Espree Animal Products

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is an understatement in most regions in the country right now. While we are busy keeping our beloved pets bundled up for their very quick romp in these frigid temperatures, we sometimes forget about protecting their feet. For my dogs, little booties are not an option as they would not even take a single step while wearing them. I use Espree’s Paw Balm as my “go to” to help protect their feet in the cold temperatures. It also protects their feet from the salt, sand, and harsh chemicals that are put on the roads to help melt ice and snow.

Espree’s Paw Balm forms a dense barrier between the pad of the foot and the extreme conditions outside. It provides the protection needed for a quick romp outside during harsh weather. It conditions the pad of the foot while offering undeniable protection from the outside elements. Before your pet goes outside apply Espree’s Paw Balm, let it absorb into the pad of the foot for a minute or two, and you and your pet are good to go. For application purposes, I keep an old rug by the door and have them stand on it while I quickly apply the Paw Balm. Even when the weather is mild, Paw Balm is good to use on your pet’s pads one to two times each week to help lock in hydration and condition the pads. Paw Balm is a safe, non- toxic, and easy way to protect your dog’s paws.

Waterless Baths: One of Espree’s Best Kept Secret

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming Education, Espree Animal Products

Espree’s line of Waterless Baths takes the chore out of bathing your pet and allows for a quick and convenient solution to clean up after your pet. This is an extremely versatile product and can be used in so many ways to help keep your four-legged friend always looking and smelling his best. It can be used as a true waterless bath to clean up areas without doing a full bath. Spray in the desired area, towel it in and go. For longer coats, you can blow dry it and run a quick slicker brush through to finish. Either way, the coat will come out fresh, clean, and fluffy. This product can also be used like any other Espree shampoo, wash it in and rinse if you prefer to give a good old-fashioned bath. One of the best uses for Espree’s Waterless Baths is to help break down odor. This odor-eliminating product will not mask the odor with heavy perfumes and fragrances, but rather break the odor down to help get rid of the smell. You can also use it to freshen up your pets’ bedding or even put a capful in the laundry when you wash the dog bedding. Another great use for Espree’s Waterless Bath is to lightly spray it on the dog to freshen up the coat after spending the day at doggie daycare or even their vet. The convenience and versatility of Espree’s Waterless Baths make it a “must have” for every pet owner!