Make Sure Your Furry Friends Are At Their Healthiest During Pet Cancer Awareness Month!


It’s Pet Cancer Awareness Month and we here at Espree want to make sure that all our furry friends are at their healthiest. On average, six million dogs and six million cats will be diagnosed with cancer in a given year, with dogs leading in more forms of cancer. Knowing that, it is important that as a responsible pet owner, you can recognize signs of cancer early on in your pets. Remember that early detection can mean the difference in saving an animal’s life.

Just like humans, your pets can suffer from a variety of cancer types. From skin and bone cancer to lymphoma and cancerous tumors; each one can affect your furry friend in different ways and each one can give different signs.

  • Always be on the lookout for lumps, especially one that continues to grow. While a lump or growth is not always a sign of cancer, we recommend you take your pet to the veterinarian just to be safe.
  • Weight loss. A sudden decrease in weight can be a sure sign that your pet is sick. This goes hand in hand with loss of appetite. Most pet owners know how much their animal eats regularly, so if you notice that they aren’t eating over the course of a couple of days, make an appointment right away.
  • Bathroom habits changing. A dog who suddenly can’t make it outside in time or a cat that is missing the litter box consistently can be a troubling sign.
  • Lethargy or slower moving activity. A dog who suddenly has no desire to play and sleeps a ton can also be a troubling sign.
  • Outward signs of pain. Perhaps your pet is limping when walking or playing, or yelps when a certain spot on them is touched. This can be a sign of something more severe, so always follow up with a visit to your vet.

Remember, not all of these signs are necessarily an indication that your pet has cancer, but it is always best to be on guard. Even if you are vigilant in checking the health of your cat or dog, it is vital that they receive regular check-ups to ensure that you aren’t missing anything.

If it turns out that your dog or cat does have some form of cancer, don’t start worrying right away. Cancer treatment for animals has come far in the last few decades and many pets are living longer lives because of this. Discuss all treatment options with your veterinarian and see what will work best for your furry companion.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month is a time to become more in tune with your animal’s health and Espree hopes that by educating people about pet cancer, more animals will be saved. So go out there, give your dog and cat a hug and do your best to keep your pet family staying health.

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