May is National Chip Your Pet Month!


Not too long ago, losing a beloved pet was a difficult time for any owner. First you started with a car ride around your neighborhood, calling their name and hoping they would hear you. When that failed, after what was certainly hours of looking, you would go home, find a picture and get started with making “Lost Animal” flyers to post around your local area. From there, you would call the pound and animal shelters each day, hoping beyond hope that your cat or dog would show up at one of them. Each unknown call to your phone was met with anxious excitement, wondering if it was someone calling about your lost friend.

Unfortunately, this could have taken place twenty years ago or just last week. Even today, many pet owners do not take advantage of the many advancements in pet technology that has become available. We speak of course about microchipping.

$45 dollars is the average cost to have this done to your pet. That small, one-time fee could mean the difference between finding your pet or losing them forever.

A small chip is placed in your pet, generally under the scruff of the neck and with hardly any pain. The process takes all of about a minute and once you have registered your pet’s chip with the associated database, you can rest a little easier knowing that should you lose your furry friend, they now have a much better chance of being found.

When a lost pet is taken to a shelter, veterinarian or pound, they are usually scanned to determine if they have a chip. When it is found, the owner is immediately contacted, whereupon they are reunited amid a flurry of doggy kisses or purring rubs.

So get your pet microchipped if they aren’t already and have that extra piece of mind if the worst should happen. Remember; a microchip can mean the difference in finding a pet, whether it be thousands of miles away, years later, or even both, they can be found again.

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