Discover What Silk Can Do For Your Pet!


For thousands of years, silk has been a long sought after luxury that only a few had access to. Harvesting silk from silkworms was a time consuming process and could take months before there was enough to make even one article of clothing. In more modern times, we buy silk products because of the feel it provides, whether that be in clothes, bed sheets or any number of things.

More recently, silk has been found to have amazing properties for hair care and we are seeing ever increasing use of it in grooming. That’s why Espree has recently introduced a new line of Vanilla Silk products that will give your animal’s coat a whole new feel and look. Not only does it help repair damaged fur, but it will continue to moisturize your pet’s fur, maintaining a truly silky feel.

For dogs out there that suffer from dry or sensitive skin, this is also a great option to keep them feeling happy and irritation free during baths. Since silk proteins help lock in moisture, your dog will feel refreshed and clean after each wash.

With Espree’s Vanilla Silk shampoo and cologne, you will easily keep your dog feeling and smelling great all year round. Discover what silk can do for your pet today.

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