Check Out the Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work!


To celebrate Bring Your Pet to Work Week, we would like to take the time to talk about the many benefits of, you guessed it, bringing your pet to work. If you are fortunate enough to work in a business that allows this, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Now, we would all love to have our animals with us during the day, but sadly there are very few companies that allow this, however that number is growing every year. Obviously there are many jobs where it wouldn’t be safe or prudent to have your dog follow you around, but for the many office workers out there who have sedentary, danger free careers, then having your pet with you would be amazing.

There have been many studies showing that bringing your pet to work helps in several different ways. Employees were found to be more focused in the work, got along better with other workers and were even willing to stay longer, all due to having their dog spend the day with them. Job satisfaction is higher too, making for happier employees and a better quality of work.

Like children, pets can get sick and sometimes need their owners to look out for them, which usually requires taking days off of work. When a company allows pet owners to bring their dog to work, the amount of time missed also decreased. Again, this all serves to greatly increase production and keep workers happy.

A study performed by the Virginia Commonwealth University even showed that there was a noticeable decrease in stress when someone was allowed to bring their pet to work. Many people are worried about leaving their dog home alone all day, even if they don’t realize it. They may not be concentrating on their work, rushing to get out the door at the end of their shift, driving home too fast; all of which can be prevented by bringing their dog to work.

Overall, more and more companies are starting to allow their employees to bring their pets to work (yes, even cats) and it is a growing trend that is sure to pick up traction once more people see the benefits. We here at Espree appreciate every day with our furry friends and hope that more businesses see how wonderful it is. For those of you who have to leave them at home, use this week as an excuse to spend a little extra time with them. And maybe convince your boss to give it a try…

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