Tips for picking the right dog for your environment!


Deciding on the right dog for you and your family can be a fun process! There are several things you want to look out for when deciding on your new pet. One of the more important being how they will react in certain environments.

First off, what is your setup at home? Are you a single guy living in an apartment, an older couple living at home or a new family with young children? All of these scenarios present their own unique needs and requirements.  In the first part of this series, we will go over raising a pooch in an apartment setting.

Starting off with apartment dwellers: you might think you need a smaller dog but this is not always the case. Many apartment complexes have their own walking trails, dog parks and clean up areas that cater towards animals. This allows you to much more easily exercise a dog who might usually need to get out more energy. Keep in mind that certain breeds will always require more play time than others, hence why having a yard can be easier on you. If you do get a highly energetic dog, a Husky for example, at least an hour a day should be dedicated to playing and walking. However, please be mindful of your apartment complexes rules. Many these days have restrictions on what breed of dog they allow.

At least a couple of times a year, apartment companies will send people to enter your home for any number of things, including fire inspections and maintenance. And with a good majority of dogs being territorial, this can present an issue. You can crate your dog somewhere out of the way for the day, but not everyone keeps one on hand. There is also the option to stay home when they arrive, but not everyone can afford to take time off like that. The last option also leads into our next section; socializing your pet.

It is highly recommended you give your dog some special play time with other dogs when the opportunity arises. Look for doggy daycares in your area and start bringing them there at least once a month. Not only will this change up their routine from staying at home every day while you work, but gives you an easy option to place them somewhere when maintenance needs to enter your apartment.

We previously mentioned crating. Depending on the age and energy level of the dog you bring to your new apartment, it is very important to determine if they will need to be kept locked up while you are gone. Given that you are renting your apartment, it is in your best interest to keep it damage free and a bored puppy or pent-up dog can easily make a mess, causing you to lose your deposit.

Finally, it is important to find somewhere nearby where you are able to let them off the leash and allow your pets to have fun. If the only exercise and outside time they are getting is when you take them to the restroom, they can gain weight, become lethargic and even depressed. Make sure to look up dog parks that may be near you and give your furry friend the outside time they deserve, as well as some much needed socializing.

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