The Holidays are Quickly Approaching


Can you believe it is almost that time of year again?  There are 16 Fridays before Christmas…yes, 16!  The Holiday madness will be here before we know it.  Every year, so many people want their very talented pet stylist to primp their pooch for the Holidays, so they are sporting that wonderful Holiday cheer with family and friends.  Sometimes, we ask our groomers to make a miracle happen by de-matting a very matted pooch, or making their four legged friend super fluffy when they have been shaved down all summer.  Or we make the mad dash to the groomer just a few days before our family and friends arrive.  Plan in advance, pick up the phone and schedule your pet’s appointments from now through the Holiday season.

This is the time of year to start getting your pooch ready for the Holidays.  Bring them in for a spa day between styling appointments to keep the skin and coat in optimal condition.  Dead Sea Mineral Mudbaths if your dog has skin issues will help soothe the skin, get rid of the dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin, and allow your pooch to feel so much better.  Deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments are also great for dog’s that have dry skin and coat.  They will help hydrate the coat allowing the natural oils to permeate the skin which in turn will help add a beautiful shine to the coat. And if your dog has a lot of staining from playing hard this summer, select a whitening bath to help lift the staining off of the coat.  Your pup might need two or three if he had a lot of fun romping this summer in the yard, hiking, or even swimming.

In order for your pooch to have healthy skin and coat, you must stay on top of the game.  Remember, it is a process.  Sometimes it takes several visits before you can get your desired result.  So if you want your pooch sporting a nice “do” for the Holidays, there is no better time to start than the present.

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