But I brushed him…


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“But I brushed him…” “Why do you have to shave him?!”  As professional groomers we hear this a lot. From my personal prospective I really like giving personality trims to my clients. However, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Now I know all to well, clients don’t quite understand why it doesn’t look ‘tangled/matted’. Sometimes it’s disguised. Sometimes, clients just don’t understand at all. That’s okay, I don’t understand what my hair stylist is talking about when she discusses toners with her colleague.

How do we make a better understanding? Well, educating the client is key. Let me explain, when matts form it’s the hair getting tangled. As time passes the matts/tangles become more impacted and tighter. Do me a favor, pinch lightly your forearm skin & hold it for ten seconds. Was that uncomfortable? Now just imagine what that might feel like all over your skin, & when you walk or move your arms imagine the increase in discomfort you would have. This is what matts are like.  This can cause irritation, discomfort, lack of blood flow, and blood vessels can pop when they are released from the skin.

Professional groomers take extra time and caution when removing matts. We must make sure to safely remove that tight impacted coat from the skin. This may be one reason why your groomer charges more in this instance.

If this happens, and you want to prevent matts from forming again, talk with your groomer.

I offer free brushing/combing lessons to my clients. I don’t mind taking a few minutes out of my day to help the client understand how to properly brush the dog. Now, you might be thinking… “How hard can it be to brush a dog?” Well, us professionals started somewhere, in fact  the same place you might be now. Most of us started as bathers/groomer assistants. We had to learn until we got it correct. Most people brush the top coat and don’t realize they are missing it by the skin. Keep in mind, fluffy might not let you brush him, especially his face. Again, I help my clients deal with that. Speak with your groomer, groomers speak with your clients. Open the lines of communication and you will be on the road to success.

Pictures below show solid Matts on each ear. One is the side that you the client sees, the other is what the groomers sees after clipping off.

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