October is National Pet Wellness Month!


October is National Pet Wellness Month and a great time to remind us how we can help our pets live longer, healthier and happier lives!

Although there are many suggestions that you can include in your pets wellness plan, Here are our top 5!


1.     Schedule a veterinary check-up: Having a regular check-up can help minimize chances of diseases by getting routine vaccinations, checking dental hygiene and ears allow your vet to look for any signs of potential health problems.


2.     Spay/Neuter: If you spay/neuter your pet, they are less susceptible to many diseases and illnesses!


3.     Check your pet’s skin: Checking your pet’s skin regularly for dry spots, irritations, rashes, and insect bites. Doing this will help ensure that your pet doesn’t contract a serious skin disease.


4.     Consider your pet’s diet & exercise routine: Pet obesity can lead to extensive health problems as your pet ages, make sure you know how much activity your pet needs!


5.     Make sure your home is safe for your pet: whether you have a new pet or have had pets for years, pet-proofing is important! Many everyday objects (medicines, food, pesticides, and some plants) that can prove poisonous to our pets.

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