The Naked Truth

sphynxShannon Moore, NCMG  |  Espree Animal Products, Director of Grooming and Education

Hairless pets are rapidly gaining popularity. Do hairless dogs and cats really need grooming?  The answer may just surprise you. From Xolo’s to Cresties and Sphynx to Bambinos, hairless pets need grooming too.  In some instances, hairless breeds require more attention in terms of maintenance than their coated friends.  Don’t be surprised if a hairless pet walks into your salon for a bath.  The most common issue you will here is that the hairless friend is oily.  How do you get rid of the oil problem?  It is similar to coated breeds that shed.  You cannot stop shedding as it is a natural process.  The same goes with oil production, but you can keep it under control with consistent, routine maintenance.

Frequency of visits to the salon, at home maintenance, exfoliating the skin, and controlling oil production are just a few things you will need to help educate your client.  The hairless pet population does not have a natural way of keeping the oil on the skin in balance, which can lead to skin problems.  Once again, we go back to proper product selection to help provide that balance for their sensitive skin.

Hairless pets normally have sensitive skin, so select a shampoo that does not contain harsh surfactants.  Hypo – allergenic shampoo is a good choice.  It is also important to exfoliate the skin on these naked pets.  Choosing a Dead Sea Mineral Mudbath is a great way to gently exfoliate the skin while also helping to absorb oil.  Though you are trying to remove the oil, it is important to keep the skin hydrated.  Be careful not to bathe naked pets too frequently.  There is a fine line between over doing and not doing enough.  Every pet is different so part of determining a routine will be trial and error.  A good place to start is a bath every 2 weeks and go from there.  It is also common for these naked pets to produce more ear wax and some will even develop oil accumulation around the base of their toenails.  At an absolute minimum, weekly ear cleaning and cleaning at the base of the nails might be necessary.

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