Upselling Special Packages


Shannon Moore, NCMG  |  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

So many times I hear groomers say they can’t charge extra for services because they live in a small, rural town, and people just won’t pay for anything extra or they have an older clientele, or they do not do a lot of prissy pooches.   I immediately ask “Have you ever tried?  How did you upsell your client?”  Have you ever considered designing a program where the caring pet owners have a selection of packages to choose from and you, their groomer makes a recommendation as to what they need?

Most of us charge extra for a Shed Less Package, so why not try introducing it with other specialty products.  Espree has recently launched a Senior Care Shampoo and Gel.  It’s a great package upsell for senior dogs.  It’s chocked full of Arnica to help soothe tired muscles, relieves inflammation, and pain. Or what about a Deluxe Spa package where you use Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo and spritzer, a luxurious facial, and Lavender & Kava Paw Balm. Another great package idea is Stop the Itch geared toward dogs with seasonal or non- seasonal allergies.  Avocado Oil Shampoo and an Avocado Oil Spray to keep itching, scratching, and chewing at bay for 10 to 14 days to provide temporary relief. A Holiday Package is another idea.  Bring a little Holiday Cheer into your salon!  Cranberry Spice Shampoo with matching cologne, a cute Holiday bandana and bow, and maybe send them home with a stocking stuffer like a few dog treats.  These are just a few ideas for special packages.  The possibilities are limitless on what you could do in your salon.

I often use a café chalk board and feature one package a month. I display it in the lobby to introduce the new service.  And for those stylists that have more of a challenge with add on services, I will do the first one at no charge and let them know when they pick their pet up.  I tell them that” today the upgraded services was complimentary because I wanted them to be able to see the difference.”  This works great especially with a Senior Package because they can see their pet moving around better and feeling better.   Another benefit to doing a complimentary add on the first time is that it helps build the relationship with the client. It’s a win win for everyone.  The pet gets a much needed service, the client is thrilled that you gave them something at no charge, and you, their groomer have just made the relationship stronger and could possibly get a referral from the client.  So in the end, everyone benefits!

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