My Dog Wears Clothes


Shannon Moore, NCMG  |  Espree Animal Products, Director of Grooming and Education

The days are becoming cooler in most parts of the country right now, and we do need to keep our pups warm.  Some caring pet owners are choosing to keep their pet’s hair longer, while others are choosing to put clothes on their pets.  Neither one is better than the other, and both still require work on your behalf.  With longer hair styles, owners are needing to brush the pets out to prevent their dogs from matting and tangling, and they are having to visit their favorite pet stylist more frequently.  But, the owners who are choosing to dress their pets in those trendy, couture outfits have their work cut out for them as well.  And it is more than just doing more shopping!

There is nothing cuter than watching a pup strut down the street with clothes on that are more fashionable than mine.  The intricate detail and the craftsmanship of clothes for pets today is to be applauded.  They are absolutely stunning and usually made better than the clothes I am wearing.  With that said, those pet parents also need to invest in a soft slicker brush, a comb, and hydrating spray.

Every time you take that cute little sweater, jacket, or dress off your adorable little (or big) dog, make sure you take  less than five minutes to do a quick brush out.  In as little as 5 minutes, tangles and mats can begin to form behind their ears, under their arm pits, and on their belly.  It is nothing that a quick 2 – 3 minute brush out can’t fix. Lightly mist hydrating spray on your pet then use the soft slicker brush paying particular attention to the armpits, behind the ears, and the belly. It is a good idea to double check and make sure the hair is separated and divided by using a comb.   So remember, every time you bundle up your pet with those cute and trendy clothes, do a quick brush out to prevent your pet from being so matted at their next grooming appointment.

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