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Sarah Drouin NCMG | Pet Tech CPR Certified | Award Winning Stylist | | Serving PA/DE

Have you been scrolling social media and seen some really cute haircuts on dogs? I mean, like how did they achieve that?! We have all been there and we all still do, I am sure! Well, I really want to share some of my favorite products from Espree with you! I will list just some in this article, if I listed them all you would certanlty be overwhelmed!

Lets talk about styling products! Maybe you recently saw my video on “How to get a floppy topknot to stand.”. If not check it out!

My first pick is Espree BOOST Spray! I really like to use this on my own poodle as well as other poodles who have that whimpy, floppy topknot! Pet owners don’t expect show trims, but they sure love their beloved pet to look amazing when leaving the salon! Boost is not only great for poodle topknots. I love this is westie heads as well! We aren’t going to put chalk and pull a westie head completely like in the show world, but we can still achieve a really nice westie head with this very product! I use it for bichons as well! It is really a great product. I know, you don’t want to put a lot of crap product in your pet clients head. I know that, but I’m not referring to crap product. This has lasting volume and control without all the heaviness of crap product! TRUST ME! My clients love what I do, and they honestly don’t ever complain about any tacky felling. My pet clients don’t come back in matted because of it either. It dissipates in time.

My next pick is Espree Freeze! Oh man, have you ever done a yorkie topknot, its beautiful right?! Well yes, until that pesky little broken stray hair pops out and then oh! another! Ugh, how frustrating is that? Well Espree’s Freeze spray is excellent to keep those pesky hairs in place. Oh and I can not forget about eyebrows! I can scissor eyebrows and ah, perfect! Put the dog away and then I realize that perfect eyebrow is now falling to the side. AH! I use Espree’s Freeze Spray and BAM! That eyebrow is in place! I love it! Do you have any full coated dogs that you groom? Well when I groom those full coated dogs, it can be frustrating when the part you made is now making its own part! Oh man, it is hard for me to part my own hair perfect, let alone a dog! This spray is strong enough to give an all day hold and control but  light enough to comb back through! AMAZING!

My third pick is Espree High Sheen Spray. Oh man, After I groom a double coated dog, I love to hit the coat all over with this stuff! I know what your thinking, “Does it make the coat greasy?” The answer is “NO!” I use it well enough on the coat and I work it in with my fingers, getting it through the coat. I find that its gives a beautiful shine and smell to the overall dog, but it seals that loose hair. You know, we have gone in a and force shed that dogs coat and now we have woken the dead!!! So after I brush and comb that coat out, I spray Espree High Sheen Spray all over rub in and I have a glossy beautiful sealed coat!

Okay, so I’ve let you on to some of my secrets. Yes, My clients notice a difference! I want the very best for my clients as I know you do as well for yours! Be sure to look out for my part 2. I will share some awesome products for in the tub! Ive got some good stuff to share!

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