Part two of my favorite Espree products


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Do you have clients that are active? Those clients need a little extra TLC, I use the Cooling Hip & Joint by Espree on these clients. What I love about  this product is that not only does it clean and rinse easily it smells great. I like to explain to the clients that I bathed their active pooch in a cooling menthol shampoo which helps with their joints, muscles and hips.  It cleans a very dirty dog and it leaves a fresh smell all while leaving the pet feeling great!

Allergies are a huge problem for a lot of dogs. Espree  Avocado Oil shampoo is my go to for my clients who have allergy issues.   My personal dog has allergies and this product has been a miracle for us. It helps relieve itchiness up to 14 days. I have not only seen the benefits as a client of this product, but had clients tell me it has really helped at home.

We all have our senior citizens; We have a special place in our hearts for these guys. Why not have a special shampoo for them? Esprees Senior Care  Shampoo, has arnica for sore mucsles. So it does all the benefits of the Cooling shampoo but with the added arnica. I absolutely love adding extra comfort for my senior clients.

My final shampoo pick is the Coconut Oil & Silk Shampoo. I love to use this on my dry dull coats. But I also like to use on most of my flat coated dogs. It not only nourishes and cleans, It leaves strength, texture and an unbeatable shine.  Oh, I forgot to mention I am addicted to the smell that is left on the dog!

Treating your pet like royalty is not as expensive as you think…


Sarah Drouin NCMG | Pet Tech CPR Certified | Award Winning Stylist | | (484) 464-2025

Like many of us, you probably want to treat your dogs to something nice. Does that mean we should spend a fortune to do so? I’ve got some great news. NO!

No offence to anyone who actually likes chicken feet, but have you have passed the chicken selection in the grocery store and seen those strange looking chicken feet?

Well, raw chicken feet are excellent for dogs! Okay, before you say gross, think about it. Dogs are carnivores. Yeah, I know there are new studies that say this is false, that dogs are omnivores. Well, I let you do your own research on that, but here is a link that supports my decision. ( )

Now, my dogs love raw chicken feet! Chicken feet consists of bones, skin, and tendons, but no muscles. These are packed with protein, calcium, collagen, and cartilage that are easily absorbed by the body. These are the essential nutrients required for good joint movement to minimize arthritis and joint pain.

Another inexpensive healthy excellent treat your dogs will go crazy over is raw FROZEN chicken wings. Now, before I go any further I’m sure you are thinking, “I heard that was bad for them!”. Raw chicken wings are okay. I will explain, when you cook a chicken wing the bone breaks down collagen. Without collagen, the bone is brittle and easy to break. This means the bone can break and split and really hurt your pooch. So, remember RAW & I like frozen chicken wings. They are great for keeping their teeth clean and breath fresh. PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER TO NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG UNSUPERVISED WHILE CHEWING ANY TOY OR TREAT.

Lastly, I really like fish skin sticks. Also, known as cod skins, they are dehydrated cod skin. These are excellent for more than ONE reason. They provide a healthy and satisfying snack that is high in protein and low in carbs. They also make a deliciously satisfying crunch which dogs will appreciate, much the way you might love the crunch of a crunchy potato chip.

I will add a few more notes here, please remember when adding anything raw or different to your dog’s diet, that they may have some loose bowels. Present new foods slowly. Also, if you’re worried or your pooch has any health or diet issues, please consult your veterinarian or nutritionist for your pooch.

Always air on the side of caution, we are giving you some really inexpensive ideas to really treat them like a Royal Pooch!

Groomer/Client Relationship

groomer-client-blogTrudy VanArsdale  |  Professional Groomer/Owner of Groomer Grooming Salon  |  Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor  |  Nash Approved Site  |  Nash Academy Graduate

How has your clients chose you as their groomer?  It could be you’re the only groomer in their town, word of mouth by another client, an advertisement you had placed, a local veterinarian or  your a personal friend.  Whatever the reason, it is up to you whether you keep or lose clients.

First impressions definitely last!  When a new client is expected that day, I
like to personally greet them by introducing myself and calling their pet by name. Standing and talking to them and holding their pet is the beginning process of the pets trust in you.

You, the professional, need to understand breed standards and also be
knowledgeable of different coat types, so you may answer any questions your client may have.  Each one that walks through your door may have specific needs.  Listen thoroughly to what those might be. They want to know you are educated in your field, you have compassion for their pet, and you understand what they are looking for in a groomer. Definitely give them a specific time to pick up their little friend.

Execute the best groom possible on their pet according to age, skin, coat type, and temperament.  After 20 years of grooming, with new clients, I like to talk with them about how the grooming process went.  Full honesty is always the best policy!  This is the time to discuss any issues you may had with their pet,  recommend the next time frame for their groom, the maintenance between grooms, and hopefully schedule them for their next appointment.  Hopefully, you have established a wonderful groomer/client relationship that will last for years!


New Year, New You?

Sarah Drouin NCMG | Pet tech CPR Certified | Award Winning Stylist | | (484) 464-2025

Lots of people welcome the new year with a lot of goals.

Do you have any goals for your Pooch?  Maybe the vets been talking about a diet to help your Pooch drop a few pounds. Maybe you were hoping you could walk your Pooch a little longer. Possibly setting up regular grooming for your Pooch. Feeding your Pooch a better quality food, or even showing a few new tricks to him?

There are lots of ways to set some healthy goals for your Pooch.

Dogs love a day to day routine. They like things in the same pattern all the time. It makes them more confident and less anxious. But adding to that routine can be just as healthy when you stay consistent with it.

Ideas can even stretch to, swimming, going to the lake house, going on a car ride to the corner store when weather is permitting. Even getting them to the park in a different scenery, it can be healthy for the both of you! Mix it up, make it fun and enjoy your time with your Pooch!