New Year, New You?

Sarah Drouin NCMG | Pet tech CPR Certified | Award Winning Stylist | | (484) 464-2025

Lots of people welcome the new year with a lot of goals.

Do you have any goals for your Pooch?  Maybe the vets been talking about a diet to help your Pooch drop a few pounds. Maybe you were hoping you could walk your Pooch a little longer. Possibly setting up regular grooming for your Pooch. Feeding your Pooch a better quality food, or even showing a few new tricks to him?

There are lots of ways to set some healthy goals for your Pooch.

Dogs love a day to day routine. They like things in the same pattern all the time. It makes them more confident and less anxious. But adding to that routine can be just as healthy when you stay consistent with it.

Ideas can even stretch to, swimming, going to the lake house, going on a car ride to the corner store when weather is permitting. Even getting them to the park in a different scenery, it can be healthy for the both of you! Mix it up, make it fun and enjoy your time with your Pooch!

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