Part two of my favorite Espree products


Sarah Drouin NCMG | Award Winning Stylist | Pet Tech CPR Certified | Serving PA/DE | (484) 464-2025

Do you have clients that are active? Those clients need a little extra TLC, I use the Cooling Hip & Joint by Espree on these clients. What I love about  this product is that not only does it clean and rinse easily it smells great. I like to explain to the clients that I bathed their active pooch in a cooling menthol shampoo which helps with their joints, muscles and hips.  It cleans a very dirty dog and it leaves a fresh smell all while leaving the pet feeling great!

Allergies are a huge problem for a lot of dogs. Espree  Avocado Oil shampoo is my go to for my clients who have allergy issues.   My personal dog has allergies and this product has been a miracle for us. It helps relieve itchiness up to 14 days. I have not only seen the benefits as a client of this product, but had clients tell me it has really helped at home.

We all have our senior citizens; We have a special place in our hearts for these guys. Why not have a special shampoo for them? Esprees Senior Care  Shampoo, has arnica for sore mucsles. So it does all the benefits of the Cooling shampoo but with the added arnica. I absolutely love adding extra comfort for my senior clients.

My final shampoo pick is the Coconut Oil & Silk Shampoo. I love to use this on my dry dull coats. But I also like to use on most of my flat coated dogs. It not only nourishes and cleans, It leaves strength, texture and an unbeatable shine.  Oh, I forgot to mention I am addicted to the smell that is left on the dog!

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