All For The Love Of Dogs!

for-love-of-dogs_blogShannon Moore, NCMG  |  Espree Animal Products, Director of Education and Grooming

In this day and age, so many people pick up a pair of scissors and clippers and claim to be a groomer.  Everyone chooses their own path and creates their future.  You have to work for it! Whether you choose to attend grooming school or intern in a grooming salon to get an education, it is necessary to put 100% into your education in order to become a good pet stylist.  Over time, your skills will improve and you will learn as you go.  Regardless of whether you are in the industry for 6 months, 6 years, or 25 years, you should never stop learning.  Even the most seasoned pet stylist attend seminars, go to grooming shows, or dog shows and learn a trick that they can apply in the salon.

Think about how much goes into a full service groom!  You have to evaluate the skin and coat, select the right products to use on a particular pet, the actual bath and prep, correct brushing and drying techniques, and finally the groom and finish work.  Not only is it necessary to have a really good grasp on pet care, health and safety, skin and coat, coat types, pattern trims, breed standard, profile, and the list goes on and on, you have to act like a professional.  With all of this knowledge and information, sometimes we have a tendency to forget that this is our profession.  Grooming is a skilled profession that takes a lot of tenacity and hard work. It allows us to bring out our creative and artistic side too.   The dog is like a canvas and we can artistically wield our scissors and clippers and create a masterpiece.  It is a talent that not everyone is blessed with.  It is a talent and it is our profession.

It is our responsibility to act in a professional manner, not only with the client but with the dog as well. I always tell groomers be honest and open with the client.  Let them know if there is a problem, or if you have any concerns, and let the client know why.  Remember this is their baby, they cherish their pet, and will appreciate any advice or concerns you may have.  Don’t play veterinarian, but referring to the vet is a good habit to create.  Being professional, being honest, and keeping a clear channel open for communication is the basis for creating a good relationship between the groomer and the client.  Good relationships turn into repeat business, referrals, and a solid foundation for your business. I am always grateful that we have the opportunity to have a career doing something we love…. All for the love of dogs!

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