The Fascination of Learning As A Groomer

rosie_blog-photoBlog Article Written By: Tracy Schumann

I first picked up clippers in 2006, I did not know anything about grooming. I was a former teacher and current dog trainer.  Rescuing a toy poodle, I needed to know how to groom him.  Within the same year I opened up my own shop, again not knowing anything.  As I ventured out to grooming seminars and grooming competitions I started learning how to properly hold shears, clippers, and the proper technique for bathing and drying dogs.

One thing that fascinates me about grooming is learning about different shampoos and what they are supposed to do.  I love trying new shampoos, and having four dogs I do a lot of bathing. Here is a short list of different types of shampoos:  medicated, flea, moisturizing, whitening, color enhancing, deshedding, facial, and many more.  Some shampoos will be a good degreaser, but not a good shampoo to clean the dog from dirt.  Once you have a dog clean you may have to apply a different shampoo to enhance the color (Black for instance) or to crispen a coat if it is curly (i.e. Bichon).

While you have all of these different shampoos, you have to take into account the water, is it hard or soft. The water type will affect how your shampoo works on the coat.  So, when you travel, what worked very well at home may not work when you travel.

Some shampoos work better on one type of coat and not so well on another style of coat.  Think of all of the coat types that are out there.  Drop coats, curly coats, double coats, and wire coats.  For example, what you use on a Yorkshire Terrier you would not use on a Miniature Poodle.

Something else to touch on is the dilution rate for shampoos.  A majority of shampoos is 16:1, and some  are used at full strength.   The dilution rate also relates back to your water; you may have to leave the shampoo on a little stronger than recommended.  I.e. if it says 16:1, you may have to dilute 10:1.  Some shampoos that recommend full strength, depending on the coat type, I might dilute slightly.

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