Signs It’s Time To Get Your Dog Groomed, And Other Helpful Tips!

Samantha Mobley  |  Espree Animal Products

A lot of people have a hard time keeping track of when their pup is supposed to get a groom. The standard is every 4-6 weeks for long coated breeds, and once a month for short coated dogs that just need a good bath and a nail trim. We all know that life can get hectic, and before you know it your furry friend is looking more like Chewbacca instead of a dog. A good way to tell if your dog needs a groom is if they start having excess hair in certain areas, a pungent odor, and matting. Check the paw pads, around the eyes, and the sanitary areas of the dog. If there is an excessive amount of hair to the point where it’s impairing their vision, their walking, or their bodily functions, it’s time to get a full haircut. Once you schedule your appointment with the groomer, make sure you get on a schedule of every 4-6 weeks for a groom. Often times they will send you reminder calls or emails so that you will not forget if you have a busy schedule. After a full service haircut where the dogs entire body has been trimmed, bathed and styled, most people set up the next appointment for a “partial” trim for their next visit.

The partial trim includes everything that would be in a regular haircut, minus the full body clip. A partial, or “maintenance clip”, is a great way to keep your dog prim and proper in between grooms. It is also a good way to maintain the length of your dogs coat if you are trying to grow out the hair after a shave down. During a partial, they will shave the paw pads, trim up the feet, cut the nails, shave the sanitary areas, and clean up the face and tail. A partial is also a good option for a long coated puppy’s first groom, as it eases them into the grooming process.

To help with the grooming process, regular brushing at home is a necessity for long haired dogs. Daily brushing will help to keep the coat free of matts and tangles so that if you’re wanting to maintain a long hairstyle, you can have the style you want without any issues. If the dog is not brushed regularly, expect de-matt fees and possible shave downs at the salon if the matting is too extensive. Also make sure that if you are bathing your dog at home in between grooms, to brush them out well to prevent any matting.

Some products to help in between the grooming process would be some of our various pet wipes, our waterless bath sprays, and our detangling and de-matting spray. The wipes are great for quick jobs if your dog needs a quick clean up on the rear, face or paws in between grooms.  The waterless bath spray is a fantastic alternative to a bath if you don’t have the time, and they need some cleaning. Just a quick couple of sprays and a towel dry will help your pet with dirt and odors. If you are committed to brushing and detangling your furry friend, the Espree de-matting and detangling spray works great for brushing out tangles easily so that they don’t turn into matts. If you are in dire need of a good bath, then our hypoallergenic or oatmeal baking soda shampoos are great for deodorizing and cleaning your dog, and keeping them fresh till their next visit at the salon.

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