Why Coddling your Dog is Doing a Disservice to your Dog and Groomer.

Sarah Drouin NCMG – Pet Tech CPR CErtified – Award Winning Stylist – www.theplushpooch.com

One of the most frustrating things groomers encounter is an overbearing dog parent. I mean this in the kindest way, as we genuinely care about your dog.

The reason it is so frustrating is that we know your dog is anxious because of your actions. As humans, we coddle children when they are scared. If they fall and cry, we pick them up and assure them that it’s okay and we often coddle them.

This is not effective with dogs because the canine brain is not as complex as the human brain. Humans comprehend that you are reassuring them that they will be okay and the pain will go away. Dogs are unable to comprehend that you are telling them it will be okay. In fact, what you are showing the dog is that their state of mind, anxiousness, fearfulness and uncertainty is okay.

Dogs are pack animals and follow their leader. In a pack, if the leader is nervous or uncertain, the dog thinks there is a reason to be in that state of mind. So, unfortunately being a kind human and doing what you would do for another human has the reverse affect for your dog. The best thing to do for a dog who is always anxious, fearful or uncertain is to remain calm, with a clear mind and avoid coddling.

Talk to your groomer while your dog is on a leash and let them assess the situation for themselves. Do not encourage the behavior you are wishing away, but be calm and assertive. Allow your dog to have a sense of security by feeling your confidence when dropping them off with your regular groomer. Most importantly, allow your groomer to build the foundation for long term and confident relationship with your dog.

Trust me when I say, your dog and groomer will thank you!

You will eventually feel great and see the rewards that come of it!

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