The Puppy Cut

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming and Education Espree Animal Products

From poodles to doodles, yorkies to schnauzers, the “puppy cut” is one of the most common requests that grooming salons have today. This easy to care for style works well on a variety of pets that have a longer coat.  Because of its popularity, there are a lot of different interpretations of this trim.  It is important to make sure the professional stylist and the pet owner are on the same page. The term “puppy cut” is used rather loosely leaving a lot of room for interpretation and artistic creativity.  Never assume the client is familiar with the trim, especially if they are new to your salon. I ask them questions about if they want their dog to be fluffy, like a puppy, or do they want the dog to be short and smooth.  Sometimes this can be frustrating for the new client because they can’t understand why you are not familiar with this trim.  When this happens, I always ask if they want their puppy to “look like a new born puppy, a 4-6 month old puppy with some fluff, or a puppy closer to a year old.  Of course, I always have a big smile on my face. They quickly get the idea that there are many interpretations of this trim. This is a great time to take the opportunity to start developing a solid relationship with the client.  Educate the client and offer advice on what options would work best for their pet.  Of course, it is important to take into consideration the activity level of the dog, coat condition and type, whether the coat is matted or too tangled, body structure, and frequency of grooming appointments the clients wish to have. Communicating with the client will help build trust and they will be more open to your guidance if you are open in discussions about what works the best for their beloved pet.

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