Put Your Best Foot Forward

Shannon Moore, NCMG  |  Director of Grooming and Education Espree Animal Products

Every pet stylist has those strong, energetic, and determined dogs that truly test our patience when they are being groomed.  Hopefully, we don’t have too many, but we usually will have at least a handful.  After all, groomers have a passion and love for animals that is second to none.  The difficult ones need to be groomed too.  So, how do we handle this strong, energetic temperament without letting it ruin our whole day?

We need to figure out a way to transfer positive energy to these dogs when they are in the salon. Every morning, we must prepare our self for the day.  We do it for ourselves and we should do it for the dog’s that we will be grooming for the day. Try to bring your best self for the day.

When these more challenging dogs are on the table, remember to center yourself.  Try not to get upset or frustrated ( I know, it is easier said than done).  Just take a moment and breathe. We do not want to project any anger, fear, or uncertainty.  What we project to the dog, they will project right back to us. They will feed off of our emotion.  You must stay positive, calm, and be in charge.  Heavy handling is not an option.  Not only is it unacceptable, but it gets creates a negativity about grooming. We eventually would like them to enjoy or at least tolerate the grooming process. Always try to put your best food forward and do the best you can.

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