In Style

Melinda Owsley  |  Professional Pet Stylist

Trends change they always do but the one thing that always appeals to the eye is balance. We are wired to recognize it. You will see it. Every home, regardless of decor. Pictures, wall hangings, curtains, etc… There is a balance to style and if there is no balance…wow it sure stands out.
I came from the corporate world where we did cookie cutter cuts. Thankfully I had the opportunity to attend the wonderful Paragon School of Dog Grooming, and I always strived for more.
What I see at many shops is the bladed all trim. #7 thru #3 3/4 all over with a round head. While this is simple, neat, and clean it leaves no room for creative flair, flaw correction, and in many cases leaves Poochie looking like a bobble head.
What about time? People don’t want to pay more and time is money after all??? How do we maintain a timely service while individualizing each pet?
I built my local popularity by doing simple trims that create balance. I use snap on combs. I generally clipper the body and jump two steps longer for legs and head. This naturally creates balance. Combined with correct product selection, I always recommend a premium line, and proper bathing and drying technique, I can do a style trim as fast as I can shave a dog down.
Espree even has products that can add volume to a floppy head, allowing for efficient shaping.
When you take these steps as a stylist you will create a following. You will set yourself apart as a groomer and will have your customers regularly commenting how their pet has never looked so good.
Find your style, find your balance, make your mark!!!