Style On!

Sarah Drouin NCMG – Pet Tech CPR CErtified – Award Winning Stylist –

A well known comedian tried to make a joke about a pet professional recently. I think his comment was something to the effect , that he saw a mobile van that said “Pet Styles by Stephon”.
His joke was, no you offer dog grooming by Stephen. He claims we are just dog groomers. Just someone who shaves dog hair off of dogs.
The way he said the tried  “joke” was that we are beneath the average person making a career out of what they are passionate about.
Well, now I know that us as Pet professionals get that we are not; and that it’s very disheartening to hear someone try and put down a group of professionals. Especially in such a public way.
It’s easy to get up in arms about it. What I think is, it’s truly a shame he has this ignorance to our industry.
I know some amazing people who do more than just shave hair off of a dog.
These people have hearts made of gold, they can take criticism on a daily basis, make dogs transform within a few hours, build relationships with the clients and most importantly the dogs on their table.
We have a place in our hearts for these dogs and care for their well being. The list really goes on, as far as what we do daily for each of our clients.
I can tell you, most clients appreciate what we do. The dogs appreciate what we do. So if you want to say you’re a “Pet Stylist”, do it.
Styling a pet can be really rewarding. We all have clients who like a really nice close haircut. However we still have our own styles in how we achieve that. We also still style the face to match that short body, with so many different head styles and shapes and coat types it can be a fun challenge into “styling” them up!
So, to all of my “Pet Stylist”; Style on!!!! Remember you’re not ready to be talked about , you’re not ready for the success as one once said!