Styling Products Are All The Rage!

Shannon Moore, NCMG  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

What about the everyday pet that walks into our grooming salons?  Is there a place for styling products in the salons?  Absolutely!  However, everything in moderation.  Styling products are great to use if you are doing a groom with an Asian Show dogs and grooming competition dogs use styling products on a regular basis to achieve that “just stepped out of the show ring” look.  Styling products have really evolved over the years with an increased demand to “fix” coat issues.  The products are not only used for topknots and spray ups, but also to add texture, density, and volume to a coat.  There are styling products specifically designed to use on topknots and the head to help the hair stand up such as a root lift.  Then, volume mousse to help obtain volume in leg hair.  Volume spray to help with scissoring and adding texture to coats that are soft.  And, of course, the famous shine spray! A must have for every groomer and show handler to add that winning touch to their finished masterpiece. These products are great for these types of dogs and trims.

Also, if you have “not so good” coat and you need a bit of lift or texture to get those legs columned or the hocks to stand up. And for puppy coats that are supposed to be a curly coat, and they are so soft and silky they resemble the silky texture of a yorkie.  Remember, the show dogs and competition dogs can sometimes be loaded with product.  This product needs to be broken down after they have shown or competed.  How do you break down the product? With my dogs and many show dogs, the product is immediately washed out.  Yes.. another bath.  If I am not going to bathe and condition the coat (maybe I am showing the next day),  I will at least use a conditioning spray and brush through the coat to separate and divide the hair.  My personal favorite is Espree’s Aloe Hydrating Spray (I am addicted to this spray), because it maintains perfect hydration while the coat is separated and divided without leaving a residue.  You cannot feel it I the coat and it improves the elasticity of the coat.

When we send a client dog home, the chances of dog’s coat being sprayed with a conditioning spray is slim to none.  We all know that!  In reality,  we don’t want to use a lot of styling products to “junk up the coat”.  After all, it is just as important to keep the skin and coat in great condition, so when the dog comes back its topknot is not glued to its head with a bow that is 2 seasons behind.  Or, its leg hair is so matted that a #7 smoothie is the only option.  The bath and prep must be top notch and the brush out must be complete.  I will use styling products sparingly with salon dogs.  Less is better, so I use them very sparingly. I always comb through the coat after applying the products too, since they more than likely will not be broken down.  I use styling products on my clients to give them a little extra help with their coat, but I am taking every precaution so I don’t damage the coat.  Happy Styling!