5 Must Haves for Foster Parents of Rescue Dogs

Shannon Moore, NCMG  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

Fostering a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience.  You have a chance to help a dog in need and offer a rewarding experience for them to start a new life!  It does require consistent care by providing a safe and suitable environment, food and water, basic training, and most importantly lots of love and socialization.  The foster experience can last a few days to several weeks or months depending on the pet and situation.  We have comprised a “must have “ list to help make the foster experience as rewarding for you and the animal.

#1 Wire Crate: This will provide a safe-haven for the animal while you are way from home.  A wire crate also gives them a space to call their own. It keeps the pet safe from hazards such as electrical cords, plants that may be chewed, glass that could be knocked over, or small items or children’s toys that may be eaten.

#2 Toys: Not only will toys keep the pet from becoming bored, but they will also help bring out the pet’s personality.  In order to avoid spending a small fortune on toys, I put a few toys down one day and then pick them up and change the toys out for the next day.  Your foster will think they get new toys every day, when in reality you are recycling them.

#3 Shampoo: Espree’s Hypoallergenic or Espree’s Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo work great for rescue dogs.  The Hypoallergenic is great for dogs with sensitivities while getting them squeaky clean.  If skin issues are present, then the Tea Tree & Aloe is the perfect choice. The lather well, clean the skin and coat, and provide an abundance of hydration.  This wholesome solution will not only have your foster looking and smelling better, but feeling better too!

#4 Pet Wipes: Espree Perfect Calm Pet Wipes are great for cleaning up minor accidents and spot cleaning when you don’t have time for a full bath.  They are infused with Lavender and Chamomile to help with anxiety and stress.

#5 Wound Cream: Espree’s 3 in 1 Healing Cream is a must for anyone with a pet.  Pet wounds are particularly challenging.  Pets just can’t leave the area alone.  # in 1 Healing Cream is formulated with Bitrex to stop licking and chewing while Yeast Extract ad Aloe promote healing and cell regeneration.