Know Your Product!

Melinda Owsley, Heart and Style Gooming  |  Maysville, KY

My favorite part of getting my hair done, as infrequent as that is, is how amazing it feels after my hairdresser uses her magic products and tools. I can’t make it look/feel that way at home which is part of why I pay her and tip her well. She has the knowledge to deal with my hair texture and produce the most amazing results.
Is this not also our job, Groomers? Or Petstylist? Are we not also responsible for finding the product combination that produces the best results?
My old business partner used Dawn dish soap on every dog. I’m not talking just your dirty greasy jobs… Or your flea ridden dogs… I mean every dog and only that with no other product… Ok so they were squeaky clean. But how was their texture? How did  the coat lay? How did they smell? And for the love of all that’s holy, did they go home and dig themselves raw? It probably wasn’t as good as it could’ve been…
Part of how we build a reputation as a knowledgeable stylist includes product selection… Especially as today’s people are becoming more educated about chemicals, it is imperative that you find a naturally-based, organic whenever possible, company.
Espree offers a wide array of products That are affordable, dilute well, and produce amazing results. All the while offering an organic, plant-based ingredient list.
One of my favorite dogs to groom are Maltese… It’s because I know that when I use the product combination that I use, it is such a magnificent transformation from when the dog came in. I don’t fear static, light flyaway hair, or spindly legs because I can hide it all if I use a volumizing shampoo, texturizing rinse, and light scissoring spray….
Shampoo isn’t “just shampoo” as I’ve heard it often stated… It could be your signature, it can be your aid, it can be your time saver, and it will set you apart from the competition that uses Dawn…