3 Ways Dry Shampoo Can Make Your Day Easier in the Salon

Shannon Moore, NCMG  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

You’re not imagining it: Dry shampoos are all the rage and are making their way into the pet market and grooming salons.  As professional pet stylists, we know that nothing beats a good old fashion bath and brush out, but dry shampoos definitely have their place in grooming salons and on your grooming table. Here are 3 ways a dry shampoo can help you on in the salon:

  1. Absorb Excess Oil from the Skin and Coat

Dry shampoo is a great tool for those pooches that have overactive oil glands.  I use dry shampoo before the bath and let them sit for 15-30 minutes to let the dry shampoo do its magic. I take a brush and lightly brush through the coat to help distribute the dry shampoo throughout the coat to absorb the excess oil.  Then bathe and style as desired.

  1. Give the Coat More Volume, Thickness, and Texture

Everyone has those clients that come in with a picture of a full-coated breed and want their barely maintained pooch to look just like that picture.  After explaining that there is not enough coat on their pup, you can turn to a shampoo to help add more body to the coat and achieve the look they want.  I really love to use it on the legs of dogs that have a “not so great coat” to give that added boost of volume and texture. It is also fantastic to use at the occiput to get hair to stand up when you have floppy head hair. Just make sure you do not get it in their eyes.

  1. De-matting

Yes, you read that correctly.  Dry shampoo works its magic on a matted coat.  Simply spray the matted area and use a slicker brush to help separate and divide the coat.  It works especially well if you have an undercoated breed with a packed coat that you cannot get through.  Saturate the coat with dry shampoo, separate and divide with your favorite slicker brush, then use a force dryer on the coat.  Dry shampoo used as a de-matting tool needs to be done before the bath so you can wash out the product.

Even though we aren’t using dry shampoo to freshen up a pet, there are many ways a dry shampoo can make our day a little easier in the salon.  And, at the end of the day, you can use it on your own hair to freshen up if you need to.

Stinky Dogs: How Can You Get Rid of the Smell?

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Grooming Education Director, Southlake, TX


The best way to get rid of the odor from a stinky dog is a good old-fashioned bath! However, if you are like most people, you may find that more than just a few days go by before you can actually give your dog a bath.  Here are some ways to keep your dog smelling fresh and looking their best in between bath days:

1. Try using Espree Wipes as a way to freshen up the coat, remove dirt, food stains, and odor from your pet in between baths.

2. A great interim is the waterless bath.  When there is no time for a full bath, waterless baths are quick and easy.  Use between baths to clean bathroom mishaps and accidents, remove excess oil, dirt, odor, and stains.  Lightly mist over the coat and towel dry.  It’s that easy to keep your pet looking fresh and odor free.

3. Espree  Oatmeal Baking Soda Spray can help manage the odor between baths as well.  The spray is infused with baking soda and oatmeal to help provide relief to itchy skin while eliminating odor molecules.  This spray can be used before or after a good old-fashioned bath to help eliminate that “doggy smell” in addition, to freshening up your pet in between baths.

4. We have the perfect solution for those tough odors that seem to be impossible to conquer.  Espree Extreme Odor Eliminating Spray will naturally neutralize the odor removing the smell, even from skunks.  The proprietary blend contains Aloe Vera, Alum, and our Secret Agent 20 has the capability of eliminating the odor like the smell was never there.

Making A Dog Who Has Never Been Bathed/Groomed Feel Like New

Brian Tupes, About Pets Center  |  Salem VA

At some point you have seen it walk through the door. The dog that looks like it has been left outside its whole life and never been bathed or groomed. It is important to make this dog feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during the whole process.

Having a relaxing calm environment is a must to reassure the pet.The way you talk to the dog will set the tone for the groom. Soft soothing tones from you will let them know there is nothing to fear,also call them by name as much as often as you can. The bathing ritual should be very relaxing for the dog.

I find the Espree line of shampoo and conditioners a great asset to establishing this experience. The scents in this line of products helps to calm an anxious dog during the bathing process. I personally want to make this time with the dog to be the most relaxing it can be.The shampoo make a great cleansing lather getting a squeeky clean coat. A little neck massage, circular hip rub down and a good butt rub seem to do the trick. It gets them into enjoying the bath.

When I get the eyes rolling up into their head I know it is working. Next the conditioner gives the coat its luster and softness without weighing down the hair. Really work it in with your fingers the dog enjoys this as well. Let the conditioner soak in a bit. If the dog has serious eye boogers dab some conditioner on with your finger ( Careful of the eyes here ) and gently rub on. In a few seconds it will loosen up those rock hard drainage clumps and makes removing them a snap. Rinse the coat thoroughly, dry well, and you will have a soft, clean, very relaxed dog to work with on your grooming table.

Treating your pet like royalty is not as expensive as you think…


Sarah Drouin NCMG | Pet Tech CPR Certified | Award Winning Stylist | www.ThePlushPooch.com | (484) 464-2025

Like many of us, you probably want to treat your dogs to something nice. Does that mean we should spend a fortune to do so? I’ve got some great news. NO!

No offence to anyone who actually likes chicken feet, but have you have passed the chicken selection in the grocery store and seen those strange looking chicken feet?

Well, raw chicken feet are excellent for dogs! Okay, before you say gross, think about it. Dogs are carnivores. Yeah, I know there are new studies that say this is false, that dogs are omnivores. Well, I let you do your own research on that, but here is a link that supports my decision. (http://www.rawfed.com/myths/omnivores.html )

Now, my dogs love raw chicken feet! Chicken feet consists of bones, skin, and tendons, but no muscles. These are packed with protein, calcium, collagen, and cartilage that are easily absorbed by the body. These are the essential nutrients required for good joint movement to minimize arthritis and joint pain.

Another inexpensive healthy excellent treat your dogs will go crazy over is raw FROZEN chicken wings. Now, before I go any further I’m sure you are thinking, “I heard that was bad for them!”. Raw chicken wings are okay. I will explain, when you cook a chicken wing the bone breaks down collagen. Without collagen, the bone is brittle and easy to break. This means the bone can break and split and really hurt your pooch. So, remember RAW & I like frozen chicken wings. They are great for keeping their teeth clean and breath fresh. PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER TO NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG UNSUPERVISED WHILE CHEWING ANY TOY OR TREAT.

Lastly, I really like fish skin sticks. Also, known as cod skins, they are dehydrated cod skin. These are excellent for more than ONE reason. They provide a healthy and satisfying snack that is high in protein and low in carbs. They also make a deliciously satisfying crunch which dogs will appreciate, much the way you might love the crunch of a crunchy potato chip.

I will add a few more notes here, please remember when adding anything raw or different to your dog’s diet, that they may have some loose bowels. Present new foods slowly. Also, if you’re worried or your pooch has any health or diet issues, please consult your veterinarian or nutritionist for your pooch.

Always air on the side of caution, we are giving you some really inexpensive ideas to really treat them like a Royal Pooch!

A Good Life in the Golden Years


Shannon Moore, NCMG  |  Director of Grooming and Education, Espree Animal Products

Our pets are living longer than ever before.  Not only are they living longer, their quality of life is better!  Some say it is good genetics, but I think it comes from understanding the changing needs of our aging pets.

There are so many ways to enhance the quality of life for our senior friends. Staying active is a crucial part of keeping your pet healthy and enjoying those golden years.  A short walk, even if it is to the mailbox and back, would not only be beneficial physically, but mentally as well.  A healthy diet is also a key ingredient to enhancing the quality of life with your senior pet.  Not only diet, but supplements are another way to offer cognitive support to promoting joint health to allow your pet to age vibrantly.

Keeping teeth and gums healthy is also imperative.  Red, swollen, or bleeding gums are not normal.  Talk to your veterinarian about ways to promote good oral hygiene.  Brushing their teeth, water additives, brushless toothpaste are just a few ways to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Regular visits to your veterinarian are important too.  Immune systems can weaken with aging pets.  This makes them more susceptible to disease and infection.  Keeping your pet fresh and clean plays a major role to your pet aging gracefully.  Sometimes caring owners have a tendency to not bathe and groom their senior pets.

Keeping the skin and coat clean and healthy is a major component to feeling better.  Don’t you feel better when you bathe and wash your hair?  Don’t you want the same for your loyal four legged companion? Let him have a spa day at home with a lavender infused shampoo for relaxation.  Or better yet, give your buddy a massage while shampooing him with one designed to sooth sore muscles, inflammation, and arthritis.  That will alleviate the hip ad joints providing immediate relief for your pet.  Don’t you wish you could have a spa day like that?

Take a few extra minutes out of your day and continue to develop the bond with your senior pet.  Human touch and interaction are important in their golden years.  A hug, a kiss, or a quick massage  helps assure them that everything is going to be alright.  They have been your loyal companion and always by your side.  Knowing that you have done everything you can to help your pet during the golden years.  After all, they have been devoted to you since day one!