Why Aloe?

Shannon Moore, NCMG Espree Animal Products, Grooming Education Director, Southlake, TX

The Aloe Vera plant is incredibly versatile and most effective on a variety of skin issues. It is not only rich in vitamins A, E, and C but it also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, Aloe Vera can permeate the skin more effectively than other remedies including water. It is absorbed into the skin four times faster than water thus making it a powerful skin hydrator.

Aloe Vera provides a wholesome solution to meet the needs of so many pets. It has an abundance of healing properties as well. It exfoliates the skin helping to remove dead and damaged skin cells. It also helps decrease itching through its antipruritic properties. It also has anti-microbial properties with its ability to kill certain bacteria, yeast, and fungus. It promotes healing so wounds and skin irritations heal approximately 1.3 faster than normal. The healing power of Aloe Vera is like magic. It brings immediate relief to allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites, and minor abrasions while simultaneously alleviating swelling and boosting immune response.

The inner filet of the aloe plant can provide a healthy, healing solution for a wide variety of skin issues including:

  1. Dandruff. Aloe will soothe, moisturize, and nourish the dry skin. The anti-fungal properties of Aloe will also help solve the problem as well.
  2. Dry, cracked noses and paws. Aloe is an excellent hydrator providing immediate relief.
  3. Hot Spots. Aloe provides instant relief and will accelerate the healing process if used several times each day.
  4. Cleaning facial folds. Aloe based products are great to use to inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast in facial folds.

The healing power of Aloe Vera is like magic. It brings immediate relief to allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites, and minor abrasions while simultaneously alleviating swelling and boosting immune response.

Protect Your Dog’s Feet

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming Education, Espree Animal Products

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is an understatement in most regions in the country right now. While we are busy keeping our beloved pets bundled up for their very quick romp in these frigid temperatures, we sometimes forget about protecting their feet. For my dogs, little booties are not an option as they would not even take a single step while wearing them. I use Espree’s Paw Balm as my “go to” to help protect their feet in the cold temperatures. It also protects their feet from the salt, sand, and harsh chemicals that are put on the roads to help melt ice and snow.

Espree’s Paw Balm forms a dense barrier between the pad of the foot and the extreme conditions outside. It provides the protection needed for a quick romp outside during harsh weather. It conditions the pad of the foot while offering undeniable protection from the outside elements. Before your pet goes outside apply Espree’s Paw Balm, let it absorb into the pad of the foot for a minute or two, and you and your pet are good to go. For application purposes, I keep an old rug by the door and have them stand on it while I quickly apply the Paw Balm. Even when the weather is mild, Paw Balm is good to use on your pet’s pads one to two times each week to help lock in hydration and condition the pads. Paw Balm is a safe, non- toxic, and easy way to protect your dog’s paws.

Winterize Your Pet!

Shannon Moore, NCMG Director of Grooming Education Espree Animal Products

Cooler temperatures are here and the Holidays are right around the corner.  In most areas, the weather is going to continue to get colder and colder.  Here are 3 things you can do to help winterize your pet when it comes to grooming maintenance:

#1 Keep your pet mat and tangle free.  We always like to keep our pet’s hair longer this time of year to help keep them warmer.  It is important to keep them mat and tangle free whether you do it yourself or you take them to your groomer for bath and brush outs.  When your dog gets matted and mats are close to their skin, your dog has a harder time regulating their body temperature.  In addition to making it more difficult for them to stay warm. Moisture can get trapped in the matting and cause major skin issues.

#2 Deep conditioning Treatments will help keep the skin and coat in good condition. When the heat comes on in the house, the skin and coat tend to dry out.  The coat becomes brittle and the skin gets flakey. Then sometimes we even add a sweater, which keeps their skin from being able to breathe.  Keeping your pet on a regular schedule for baths and routine brush outs with deep conditioning treatments will help keep your pet in tip top condition.

#3 Don’t forget to protect the pads of their feet.  The sand and salt trucks are seen regularly during the winter months.  And the ground is freezing cold.  After all, we break out our heavies socks and boots to help protect out feet.  Espree’s Paw Balm is a great way to provide natural protection for your pets feet when going outside.  Not only does it help lock in moisture, it also provides a breathable, dense, and protective barrier between the pad of the foot and the cold ground even in the most extreme weather conditions. Say good-bye to the irritating sand, ice, and snow that gets stuck to the pads of the feet or even between the pads!