Brittany - Breed and Grooming Tips

The Brittany is a medium-sized, leggy, dual-purpose dog, equally suited for sport and companionship. According to AKC®, it has surged in popularity in the last 50 years due to its talents as both a hunting and show dog. Originally called the Brittany Spaniel, it is now referred to simply as the Brittany, as its hunting style more closely resembles that of pointing breeds. Its dense, flat or wavy coat can be orange and white or liver and white in either clear or roan patterns.

A Look Back

The Brittany was named for the French province where it originated, but records of its development are largely lost. There is a great deal of resemblance between the Brittany and Welsh Springer Spaniel, which leads many people to believe that the two breeds share the same ancestors. It is possible that native Brittany spaniels mated with English pointing dogs around 1900, intensifying their hunting prowess in the process.

Right Breed for You?

The Brittany is strong, quick and agile, requiring exercise and activity to occupy his body and mind. He is a happy and alert dog who possesses willing attitude. Regular brushing is important, but their shorter coats need minimal maintenance.

Source:  American Kennel Club -


General: A Brittany Spaniel should be groomed every 4 – 6 weeks. Cockers are a sporting breed and are bred to flush game in the field and may need to be bathed as often as weekly or bi-weekly to keep them in good shape.

Ears: Since Brittany Spaniels run through the fields with their noses to the ground they are prone to ear problems, use Ear Care to clean the ears and help dry out any moisture deep within the ear, this will help with the odor as well. Do not clean past where you can see down in the ear canal.

Bathing: Brittany’s are a sporting breed and are bred to flush game in the field and need to be bathed regularly to keep them in good shape. The first bath is for general cleaning to take off the dirt and grime. Follow up with the second bath and target the need of the dog. Outdoor and field dogs may need Citrusil Shampoo or a Tea Tree and Aloe Shampoo after flushing game. Brittany’s with an oily coat may need Energee Plus Shampoo. Brittany’s with normal skin and coat can be bathed with any of our wonderful Conditioning Colognes products for long lasting fragrance. Be sure to end the bath with conditioner. This will help with brushing out your pet and keep the coat hydrated to protect against harsh weather conditions.

Coat Care:  Use Aloe Hydrating Spray when brushing out to keep the coat in tip top condition. High Sheen Spray is perfect before entering the ring for that extra shine without leaving an oily residue. Aloe Silk on the furnishings will also leave the furnishings feeling great. Freeze! Styling Gel on the jacket and flat drying will straighten out the jacket without leaving any residue.

Paws:  Paw Balm should be used weekly as well, paw pads that are soft and pliable are less likely to dry and crack due to weather conditions or from rocks or stickers in the field.

Show Dog Tips:  Use the Aloe Silk before using the flat iron on the skirt and furnishings to protect and keep the hair straight and soft. Use the Freeze! Styling Gel on the jacket and flat dry to hold the jacket in place and leave NO residue. Freeze! Styling Gel can also be used on the bevel of the feet.

Eyes: Check the eyes after every outdoor adventure and flush if needed with Optisooth Eye Wash.

Tools: The following tools are useful when grooming a Brittany Spaniel: Slicker Brush and metal Comb should be used on a regular grooming routine between grooming to keep matts and tangles from forming.  Pin Brushes are used for the show ring to prevent coat breakage but must be followed up with a metal comb.  Nail Clippers will keep the nails at correct length and keep the foot from splaying.

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