Kerry Blue Terrier - Breed and Grooming Tips

Intelligent and game, the Kerry Blue Terrier is truly an all-purpose dog. Originally bred to hunt and retrieve, Kerries can be found today in the show, obedience, agility, herding and earth dog rings. The Kerry's trademark soft, wavy coat can range from deep slate gray blue to light blue gray. Kerry Blues are born black and, if correct, possess the dominant gene for coat fading. They will fade and acquire their adult color by 18 months.

Source: American Kennel Club


Since the Kerry Blue Terrier has a soft and wavy coat, we recommend Vanilla Silk Shampoo. The silk proteins in it will make the coat amazingly soft and add a luxurious shine to his coat. Follow that up with Honey and Oat Conditioner to maintain the softness for several days. If your Kerry has gone too long between brushing, then we recommend applying some Aloe Silk Hair Restore to the matted areas while they are wet to help with the brush out process. The silk proteins will help keep the coat from braking when working the knots out of the matted areas.

Between Bath Coat Care: Use Aloe Hydrating Spray between baths to control flaking and dandruff, especially in dry conditions. Spray on Quick Finish Styling Spray to help the comb slide through the coat with ease when brushing.

Eyes: Your dog’s eyes should generally be alert and bright. Use Optisoothe Eye Wash during bath time or to flush the eye if you see any foreign objects, since this breed love the outdoors.

Ears: For monthly ear cleaning, use Espree Ear Care. If weekly care is needed for an existing chronic ear condition, use Espree Ear Care Aloe Wipes. This routine will help keep any ear problems at bay. Remember, never clean further than you can see inside the ear.

Paws: Paw Balm should be used weekly, since paw pads that are soft and pliable are less likely to dry and crack during the cold winter months. Soft pads will also keep stickers or rocks from damaging the pads of the feet.

Tools: Use a slicker brush and follow up with a metal comb to be sure there are no tangles down at the skin.

Common Problems

Coat and Skin: Fleas and ticks can easily afflict any dog. Our Flea and Tick Shampoo is fantastic and loved by groomers, while the Flea and Tick Pet Spray keeps them away for up to twelve days. We also have an outdoor spray shampoo to attach to the hose if you want to bathe your dog outside and not in your tub. There is also the Flea and Tick Repellent Wipes for convenience between baths or before outdoor activities.

Tumor problems have emerged in recent years for this breed, so feel your dog over regularly and take them to your veterinarian if anything seems abnormal.

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