Rat Terrier - Breed and Grooming Tips

The Rat Terrier is a multipurpose companion dog that is capable of hunting rodents and vermin above and below ground as well as coursing small game. He is a sturdy, compact, small-to-medium sized parti-colored dog giving the appearance of elegance and athleticism. His short, smooth coat may come in any variation of pied patterning. Pied is described as comparatively large patches of one or more colors in combination with white. Acceptable colors, with or without "tan points", include the predominate black, or chocolate, red, apricot, blue, fawn, tan, or lemon.

Source: American Kennel Club www.akc.org


The Rat Terrier has a short flat coat which makes him a wash and go breed. Since they love to dig and go on walks, they will need to be bathed regularly if they want to sleep in your bed. Plum Perfect Shampoo and Plum Perfect Conditioner are recommended to keep your dog smelling great for days after each bath.

Between baths: Plum Perfect Cologne is the perfect smell to spray on between baths to keep your dog’s coat conditioned and neutralize odors. Plum Perfect Facial Cleanser should be kept on hand to apply to the face and paws after a good digging outside. Aloe Oat Waterless Bath is perfect for a quick cleaning that helps to remove stains, odors and dirt.

Ears: For monthly ear cleaning, use Espree Ear Care. If weekly care is needed for an existing chronic ear condition, use Espree Ear Care Aloe Wipes. This routine will help keep any ear problems at bay. Remember, never clean further than you can see inside the ear.

Eyes: Optisoothe Eye Wash can be used to help flush foreign matter, such as leftover shampoo, as well as help rinse common eye allergens while soothing any irritation. Allergies are common in this breed and it may cause your dog to have runny eyes. Using Espree’s Tear Stain Aloe Wipes will make it easy to keep tear staining to a minimum.

Paws: Since this breed likes to snuggle up in bed with you; be sure to keep their paws soft and pliable by using Paw Balm regularly. Daily use is perfectly fine and recommended.

Tools: A rubber curry brush like a Zoom Groom will pull out dead coat and keep the hair on the furniture to a minimum.

Common Problems

Coat and Skin: Fleas and ticks are a common problem for these athletic and active dogs. Our Flea and Tick Shampoo is fantastic and loved by groomers, while the Flea and Tick Spray kills fleas and ticks for up to twelve days! We also have an outdoor spray shampoo to attach to the hose if you want to bathe your dog outside and not in your tub. There is also the Flea and Tick Wipes for convenience between baths.

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