Welsh Terrier - Breed and Grooming Tips

Sturdy, compact, and rugged, with a tight-fitting black-and-tan coat and a rectangular head featuring folded ears and a jaunty beard, Welsh are constructed along the classic lines of Britain’s long-legged terriers. They stand about 15 inches at the shoulder, a little larger than the Lakeland Terrier but much smaller than the mighty Airedale. All three breeds, however, share a family resemblance: An ancient breed called the Old English Black and Tan Terrier is thought to be the granddaddy of these and some other British terriers.

Source: www.akc.org


Bathing: The Welsh Terrier has a harsh wiry coat which requires a strong shampoo without added conditioners. From there, hand stripping is needed to maintain the harsh outer coat. As an alternative, many Welsh Terrier owners take their pets to the groomer for a clippered hair-cut. This softens the fur, which many owners prefer over the harsh coat. If you prefer the softer feel, then use one of our fragrant shampoos like Strawberry Lemonade Shampoo.

Between Bath Coat Care: During the dry winter months, or in generally dry climates, use Aloe Hydrating Spray to hydrate and moisturize the skin and coat. For a quick bath in between regular “full baths”, use Oatmeal Baking Soda Waterless Bath. Simply spray on and wipe with a towel. After a good dig in the back yard, this waterless shampoo is a must!

Ears: For monthly ear cleaning, use Espree Ear Care. If weekly care is needed for an existing chronic ear condition, use Espree Ear Care Aloe Wipes. This routine will help keep any ear problems at bay. Remember, never clean further than you can see inside the ear.

Eyes: Optisoothe Eye Wash can be used to help flush foreign matter, such as leftover shampoo, as well as help rinse common eye allergens while soothing any irritation. Since this breed likes to crawl underground, check his eyes often for any foreign debris.

Tools: A slicker brush and comb are needed for daily care on the furnishings, while a stripping knife can be used to pull dead coat for those who like the harsh, wiry hair.

Common Problems

Coat and Skin: Fleas and ticks are a common problem for these athletic and active dogs. Our Flea and Tick Shampoo is fantastic and loved by groomers, while the Flea and Tick Pet Spray kills fleas and ticks for up to twelve days! There is also the Flea and Tick Repellent Wipes for convenience between baths or before outdoor adventures.

Health: A diet with essential fatty acids is a must. Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil has all of the omega fatty acids your dog will need.

Paws: Rub Paw Balm on the pads of the feet to protect and condition the pads, since this breed loves to dig. Paw Balm will keep its paws soft and help keep from cracking.

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