Beagle - Breed and Grooming Tips

A sturdy hunting dog, the Beagle should look like a foxhound in miniature. His hunting ability, combined with a merry personality, has made the Beagle one of the most popular dogs in the United States according to AKC®. The most famous Beagle of all is Snoopy from the comic strip "Peanuts." Today’s Beagle comes in two height varieties (13 in. and 15 in.) and any true hound color, including tri-color, red and white and lemon.

A Look Back

In the 1500s, most English gentleman had packs of hounds. Larger hounds tracked deer, while smaller ones went after rabbits. These were the first Beagles. The origin of the name "Beagle" may have been derived from the French term "be’geule," referring to the baying voice of the hounds when in pursuit of game, or possibly the diminutive size of the hound.

Right Breed for You?

Beagles are happy-go-lucky and friendly, making them a wonderful family pet. They are also favored for their compact size and short easy to care for coat. Since they lived in packs for hundreds of years, they enjoy the company of other dogs and humans. Curious and comedic, they often follow their noses–which can lead to some mischief if they are not provided with daily activity.

Source:  American Kennel Club -


General: The Beagle is a scent hound and  it is built low to the ground and has long ears. Noses of scent hounds are very sensitive so dips should be avoided. Beagles come in 2 sizes, but they have the same coat type. House dogs should be groomed every 4 – 6 weeks to clean the ears, clip the nails and check anal glands.

Paws: Beagles need regular nail trims to keep their feet from splaying. Because they track game they need Paw Balm to keep their pads soft and pliable to keep them from drying and cracking.

Eyes:  Optisoothe Eye Wash is a must. Flush the eyes of any foreign matter and keep the eye moist.

Ears: Beagles have  heavy ears and are prone to ear problems, use Ear Care to clean the ears and help dry out any moisture deep within the ear, this will help with the odor. Only clean as far as you can see.

Bathing: Scent hounds definitely require multiple baths. The first bath is for general cleaning to take off the dirt and grime. Follow up with the second bath and target the need of the dog. Outdoor and field dogs may need Citrusil Plus Shampoo or Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo for irritations from running through brush on the trail. Beagles with an oily coat may need Energee Plus Shampoo. Beagles are known for having body odor, so for these dogs we suggest Oatmeal and Baking Soda Shampoo. Be sure to end the bath with conditioner or a deep moisturizing with Luxury Remoisturizer. This will keep the coat hydrated to protect against harsh weather conditions.

Coat Care: Use Aloe Hydrating Spray between grooming will keep the coat hydrated between baths

Show Dog Tips: Using High Sheen Finishing Spray before entering the ring will add shine and luster to the coat without leaving an oily residue

Common Problems: Dirty ears are common problems and need to be addressed regularly. Use caution when picking up your beagle in and out of the tub, they are prone to back problems.

Tools: A Shedding blade to remove dead coat should be used during your grooming routine.

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