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Natalie Cassel - Posh Paws

Espree Aloe Hydrating Spray I have used Espree's Aloe Hydrating Spray as a brushing spray in the past, but I tried something new recently. I have a client that comes in every other week with their Schnauzer who has very dry and itchy skin. I started using the Aloe Hydrating Spray after the bath, applied to a wet coat and dried it in. I was careful not to overuse the product. Three pumps and let it fall onto the coat. I used a gently slicker brush and gently combed through the coat making sure the product penetrated all the way down to the skin. Then I dried the coat as usual. Within a few visits, the schnauzers skin had improved tremendously! Thanks for a great product!

Tabatha Ratcliff, Muddy Paws Pet Salon

This product is absolutely fantastic and is a must have in our busy salon. Lightly misting the coat after the bath allows us to dry the dogs in record time. We save so much time with the dogs drying faster, we have time to take a few extra appointments every day.

Donna Jones, Musicbox Lowchens

I love Espree's Hypoallergenic Shampoo! It made my dog's coat look great. My older dog has been scratching quite a bit for almost a year, and we have tried so many different things for her. I bathed her in Espree's Hypoallergenic Shampoo and she is not scratching anymore. Usually after a bath she scratches even more, but with this shampoo she is not. Her coat looks better than ever. I will NOT be without this shampoo again. Thank you Espree!

V. Elizabeth Radford, Radford Yorkshire Terriers

I used Espree's Hot Oil Treatment for the first time on my Yorkshire Terrier in full coat and I LOVE IT!!! It was easy to use and did not weigh the coat down. It sealed the ends of the coat so when I did a final brush out the hair was not breaking. The coat was restored to a healthy, shiny, luxurious silk texture.

Nicole Reid, Muddy Paws Salon and Boutique

I have a lot of client dogs with allergies in my salon. Their skin gets black spots, dirty, and oily in spots. I started using Espree's Mud Bath before the first bath and I amazed at the immediate results. I wet the coat, apply the mud bath, and let it sit for 3 minutes. I rinse, and then shampoo and condition as usual. The skin is clean, the coat is not oily, and you cannot tell the dog has allergy skin at all. I notice a difference and so do my clients. I love Espree's Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath!

Mary Holland, Perfect Pup Salon and Boutique

I love to use this product in my grooming salon. It cleans well and rinses easy. It is infused with lavender and I notice it helps my dogs that are nervous dogs relax a little during their grooming. This is a great product and I will continue to offer it for my clients.

Lee Whittier, Dog Show Mentor

The Espree products have helped me through multiple coat changes on my young Tibetan Terrier. One of my favorite products is the Bright White Shampoo. A young dog that's not ready to special needs to keep the white from staining without caustic bleaching that opens the cuticle. Espree's Natural Bright White Shampoo keeps that white beautifully without the harmful effects of other products. While other Tibetan Terrier coats break off or mat, I've kept my dog's profuse coat in superb condition with Espree!

Tammy Siert, Groomy Team USA

I cannot say enough about the Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo. My salon has been using it for over 20 years, we noticed a lot of clients complaining about itching and scratching and decided to use it on every dog that came in for our first wash. The Hypo gets out all the dirt, soothes the skin and has a very mild scent and the best part is it's tear free. Which I can use as a marketing tool. I love it on puppies and those breeds with bulging eyes. Hypo is an over-all great shampoo!

Tracy Schuman, NCMG

The Espree shampoo Keratin Oil Shampoo is quite impressive. I use it once a week for four weeks on my mini poodle. She is 4 years old, and I have struggled all these years to get her to grow coat. I found this shampoo a few months back, and WOW! I was grooming her about every 8 weeks, now I groom her very 4 weeks. She is finally growing hock hair and has a much better topknot. I am very impressed with this product. I use this shampoo full strength, and I do let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. If you are struggling to get your dogs coat to grow, you should try this shampoo!

Dr. Victoria Radford, About Pets Center

The Holidays are finally here and the our clients are delighted in the Scents of a warm Sugar Cookie wafting from their recently shampooed and groomed pampered pet! Our phones are ringing off the hooks because neighbors are wanting to get their pets to smell like Christmas! You know, keeping up with the Jones. Our facility is offering a salon bath and groom with the Sugar Cookie Package for Christmas. Our Patrons are ecstatic at the results of bringing their dog into the Holiday Spirit. They take their pets to Holiday parties, neighbor's homes and on long walks. They call us back to gush about the feedback they are getting from family, friends and coworkers. It could not be easier to use in our bathing system! We just stick the hose into the shampoo bottle and conditioner and off we go. The shampoo produces a nice thick lather and cleans right down to the skin, leaving the dogsA533; coat sparkling clean and smelling delightful. This product is great for dogs with normal skin and coat! Our clients have been anticipating this since Summer ended and have "hounding" us on what their dogs will smell like for the Holidays! The scent lasts from one grooming appointment to the next. What more could an upscale grooming ask for!

Scott Wasserman, ISCC Petcare Dermatech Specialist

Espree's Hypoallergenic Shampoo is my favorite everyday shampoo. It cleans extremely well, yet gentle on the skin and coat. I have tried it in several different shampoo systems and it works great!

Tracy Schuman, NCMG

I really enjoy using Espree's Senior Care Shampoo. It contains Arnica, which is great for sore muscles and inflammation. It lathers well and rinses easily. With weather getting colder, my larger breeds are having a harder time being mobile. Senior Care Shampoo by Espree provides temporary relief that makes them feel better and it makes it easier for me to get through the groom.

Lindsey Dicken, Fetching Canine, GroomTeam USA

I love the Aloe Hydrating Spray for my curly coats. Not only does it make the hair more manageable for smooth scissoring, but the smell is fantastic!

Anne Francis, GroomTeam USA

Espree is our "house" brand of shampoos and conditioners at our salon. The keratin shampoo is my absolute favorite and often used on my competition dogs as well. I use the remoisturizer conditioner as it does not leave hair heavy but works wonders at helping remove matting. Recently I used the new boost hairspray while competing. It kept my poodles hair in place with volume but still allowing me to comb through the coat.

Victoria Radford

We are delighted with results of using Espree's Pumpkin and Spice Shampoo and Cologne on our clients dogs! Not only does it smell delicious, it moisturizes the skin and coat! The Aloe Vera gives the coat a nice texture and shine! This products provides us an up sale service in our Salon. Our Patrons love the way their pets feel and smell after their grooming appointment. Our customers cannot get enough of the delicious smell of the upcoming holidays! We highly recommend these great products!

Wendy Ball Wendan Bichons

Just wanted to let you know Espree Natural Ear Care is an amazing product. It not only does a fantastic job of cleaning ears on bichons, they don't mind the cleaning process and the peppermint smells so good afterwards. I've owned and been showing bichons for over 16 years and never had dogs that enjoyed having their ears cleaned till now. The dirt and yuck just comes out with ease. Thanks Espree for another wonderful product.

Sharon Frampton

I am very impressed and excited to have been introduced to these items and am VERY happy with the results, especially the results I'm getting with my hairless using the "Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath". Their skin is awesome and the blackheads are disappearing, and believe me, I've tried all kinds of products to help with that! I am also almost out of the Aloe Hydrating Spray I purchased and need to order more because I use it so frequently!

Dr Victoria Redford, About Pets Center

The Organic Botanicals from the Rain Forest shampoo refreshes a dog's skin and coat to bring out the Natural Luster, leaving a fresh, invigorating scent. The shampoo and cologne naturalizes and neutralizes odor, leaving a Fresh Fragrance that lasts and last!

Our clients love this combination and always ask for a repeat treatment at their next appointment!

Michelle Worthy ICMG, Competitive Groomer

The Espree BOOST volumizing spray gives amazing lift and density to stringy, lifeless coats. It is hands down the best volumizing product on the market!

Dr Victoria Redford, About Pets Center

Adding Espree Products to our Grooming Salon Services was a great decision! We use a variety of Espree Products in our high volume, luxury pet salon and spa here in Salem, Va.

We have found that the results are fantastic for skin and coat problems and provide an easy maintenance program.

The Espree Representative is very knowledgeable and was instrumental in introducing Espree Products to us! Her constant support and availability is a great asset in continuning education of our staff in the proper use of the Espree products.

I highly recommend Espree Products!

Your hotspot foam and your flea&tick shampoo are saving my dog from the allergic reaction to fleas and the hotspot foam is working great for her. We tried to use tomlyn hotspot spray and she rubbed her self raw to the point of bleeding once we put your hotspot foam on her she calmed down right away. Thank you so much.


I used the Tea Tree with Aloe Shampoo on my baby poodle. His hair is so soft and its been 5 days and his hair remained soft and clean. I wish they make shampoos like this for humans. Its so good I want to tey it on me. Thank you so much. I want to try the other products now Of course for my Sam. Again thank you for coming up with this quality product. Very satisfied customer here!


The wow factor couldn't be any more intense ! Absolutely the most nourishing bath products out there. I love that they are natural, safe, and effective. It is pleasant to everyones sense of smell whether they are the pets or the people. Love , Love , Love Espree !

Cynthia Kennedy

I was lucky to pick up some samples of your shampoo at a Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club event. I recently used them to bathe my Aussie for conformation. I LOVED the way your shampoo REALLY cleaned, its fresh scent & how easy it was to wash out. My Rikki looked FANTASTIC & won in 3 shows + Best of Breed on one. I'll ALWAYS use your shampoo!


My toy poodle Zoe and I love all the Espree products, but more specifically the Espree Boost Volumizing spray is amazing! It makes her thin curly coat look so thick and straight! It is amazing, so easy and quick to use and I always get compliments on her coat now! Won't be switching anytime soon! 🐩 Thank you


WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for developing these products. 12 yr old Shih Tzu looks,feels and smells so AWESOME! I have never heard of this product in my life til today at Pet Co in Holyoke MA. This product is exactly what all animals need to be bathed with. What are the chances you might be developing shampoo/conditioner for us humans? I am so tempted to try what i bought on my hair, i love it that much on the dog. Thank you very much, Diane and Patches Springfield, Ma



I went to Petco today to have my two female dogs, a Maltese & long haired Chihuahua nails trimmed. My Maltese has yeasty paws so the groomer gave me samples of your paw wipes. I have to say I am amazed. I've used them twice today and she is no long biting her paws (to the point where I have to use a cone to keep her from biting so badly she bleeds). I don't know if this is a fluke, but I've used all kinds of creams/Vaseline type balms and oils with no success until today. I would like to try your shampoos on them because I am so impressed with just your one product which I plan to keep instock in my house! Both dogs are elderly, white and as with age, it shows in their coat. Thank you for your time and you WILL be receiving an order from me; I will also be telling friends and family of your products.

Thank you again for your time and help.

Kathleen Laronga


Love the mud conditioner

Cindy Looyé-Sinnema

You know I'm a lifelong user and fan of Espree and I'm now also trying to show my customers here in the Netherlands what Espree is all about. And as we knew they would, everybody that has used it, loves it.Keep up the great work!!!


I love your rainforest line, my babies smell so clean and fresh. You have the best stuff around!

Jody Grimm-Ellis

We use the fly spray non-stop and love it! I recommend it to everyone! I love the body wash too! It is so few suds and easy to rinse but leaves them clean. Really like it!

Caitlin Stamey

We love Espree products, many of our boarders use these products!


I am a dog groomer and LOVE your products!! We mainly use Espree products for everything and have just about every product...my favorites are the Tea Tree & Aloe combined with the Mud Bath, the Simple Shed Shampoo with Treatment, Silky Show Shampoo and Conditioner, Quick Dry Spray and the Aloe Hydrating Spray is wonderful for making their coats shiny and revitalized...the Oatmeal and Baking Soda is great for smells and deep cleaning...I want to open my own salon some day and will always use your products


This is the best brand I have ever used. Ever since I tried it I never looked at any other brand. I used to have problems with my Japanese Spitz for having stains that are hard to remove. But when I used Espree Bright White Shampoo with Mudbath, all the stains dissapeared and her coat shines, looks and feel better than ever.


Been using your products for over a year now! Huge fan of your Plum line, as well as the Rainforest! Cannot wait to start using them in my personal salon now as well!

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