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Cigarette Smell on a Dog's Coat

Combatting the smell of cigarettes can be a difficult task even after the dog has been bathed. My

protocol to rid the locks of hair of cigarettes is quite simple and very effective.

Espree has solutions for Cigarette Smell on a Dog's Coat:

I bathe the dog in a clarifying shampoo to return the coat to a neutral state. My second bath I use Espree’s Extreme Odor

Eliminator Shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes to work its magic. While force drying I lightly mist

the Extreme Odor Eliminator Spray on the coat and finish drying. Then I bring out my secret weapon! I

take a dryer sheet and rub it through the coat. I also rub a dryer sheet on my comb, and as I do the final

comb out, every strand of hair will come in contact with the dryer sheet. I only do this on dogs that

have normal skin and coat with no apparent skin issues. Good bye cigarette smell… hello clean smelling


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