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Clipper Irritation

Causes: Irritation that can be caused by clipper blades.

1. Dull blades cause clipper irritation by dragging against the skin and pulling hair. When you pull hair rather than clip it you can cause irritation. The more the dog itches the more the rash spreads and it can get really sore and red. Clipper irritation can cause the dog’s skin to be red, itchy and inflamed. 

2. Common causes are dull blades, clipping too close, hot blades, matted coats, or allergies. Sensitive areas such as the face, throat, groin, anus and genitals are generally the parts of the body that show signs of irritation. If left untreated the pet will lick and scratch, causing secondary problems.

Espree has solutions for Clipper Irritation:

Espree Products that help (type product name in “Product Search” for more details):

Aloe & Witch Hazel Spray  works like magic alleviating the pain of razor burns.

Aloe Vera Jelly a cooling and deeply healing gel that readily absorbs into the skin to heal and nourish         fungus, abrasions, insect bites, scaling areas, swollen joints, mild rashes, sunburn, friction burns, mouth sores, or any other mild skin irritations.

3 in 1 Healing Cream This soothing cream promotes tissue regeneration and healing on cuts, summer sores, insect bites, hot spots and fungal areas. Tea Tree Oil and Yeast extracts are natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents which promote hair growth and reduce pain and inflammation.

Hot Spot Foam A calming herbal foam for the relief of itching and burning due to hot spots, insect bites, and allergic rashes. Aloe and Chamomile are natural extracts that soothe the skin. Tea Tree Oil promotes the healing process. Goldenseal relieves itching and inflammation. Green Tea fights off infection and Ylang Ylang contains antiseptic qualities. (Do not use on cats)

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