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Hot Spots

Causes: Hot spots are painful, swollen, warm patches of skin. They ooze pus and can be quite smelly. Hot spots are the result of flea bites, allergies, lack of grooming and other skin diseases. Hot spots are most common in thick coated breeds because dead hair is trapped next to the skin.

Espree has solutions for Hot Spots:

Espree Products that help (type product name in “Product Search” for more details):

Hot Spot Foam - Hot spots are treated by clipping the hair, cleaning the skin and treating with topical solutions like Espree’s Hot Spot Foam – a calming herbal foam for the relief of itching and burning due to hot spots, insect bites, and allergic rashes. Aloe and Chamomile are natural extracts that soothe the skin. Tea Tree Oil promotes the healing process. Goldenseal relieves itching and inflammation. Green Tea fights off infection and Ylang Ylang contains antiseptic qualities. (Do not use on cats)

3 in 1 Healing Cream – This soothing cream promotes tissue regeneration and healing on cuts, summer sores, insect bites, hot spots and fungal areas. Tea Tree Oil and Yeast extracts are natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents which promote hair growth and reduce pain and inflammation.

Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo- A medicated formula created to relieve itching, flea bites, dermatitis, scratching, dry skin, hot spots and razor burn. Tea tree oil fights fungus and bacterial infections while the Aloe Vera sooths the skin. (Do not use on cats)

Tea Tree & Aloe Conditioner - A great follow up after cleaning with Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo. The conditioner can be left on the coat for up to 5 minutes to allow Tea Tree Oil to combat fungus and bacteria on the skin and Aloe Vera to rehydrate the skin and coat. (Do not use on cats)

Luxury Tar & Sulfa Itch Relief Shampoo - Bio Sulfur fluid effectively cleans and soothes minor skin irritations while essential vitamins promote skin repair. Luxury Tar and Sulfa Itch Relief Shampoo has a clean, cherry scent, lathers great, rinses easily, leaving the coat soft, clean and shiny.

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