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Itchy Skin

Causes:  Itchy skin may cause your dog to excessively scratch, bite or lick its skin. Itching can be caused by many reasons such as parasites, dehydration, allergies, infections, humidity, congenital diseases, hormone levels and many others. Itching scrapes the skin and hair follicle thus damaging the top layers which protects and holds in moisture. Sebaceous glands secrete oils that protect the skin and coat. If moisture is too low and damage is done to these glands, they may not produce enough oil and lead to dry, itchy skin or over produce and cause oily skin. If the itching is not relieved, scratching can lead to skin damage and secondary infections.

Espree has solutions for Itchy Skin:

Espree Products that help (type product name in “Product Search” for more details):

Luxury Tar and Sulfa Itch Relief Shampoo - Bio Sulfur fluid effectively cleans and soothes minor skin irritations while essential vitamins promote skin repair. Luxury Tar and Sulfa Itch Relief Shampoo has a clean, cherry scent, lathers great, rinses easily, leaving the coat soft, clean and shiny.

Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo - A medicated formula created to relieve itching, flea bites, dermatitis, scratching, dry skin, hot spots and razor burn. (Witch Hazel and Aloe Spray) Tea tree oil fights fungus and bacterial infections while the Aloe Vera sooths the skin.  (Do not use on cats)

Tea Tree & Aloe Conditioner - A great follow up after cleaning with Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo. The conditioner can be left on the coat for up to 5 minutes to allow Tea Tree Oil to combat fungus and bacteria on the skin and Aloe Vera to rehydrate the skin and coat. (Do not use on cats)

Aloe Oatbath Medicated Shampoo -  or Aloe Oatbath Waterless Bath, Formulated with the oat protein to sooth and remove the redness of dry skin while the Aloe Vera restores moisture.

Luxury Remoisturizer - A deep penetrating hair treatment to restore moisture and prevent dry itchy skin. Luxury Remoisturizer also reduces tangles and allows for easier comb outs.

Dead Sea Mineral Mudbath Conditioning Treatment – Dead Sea mud absorbs into the skin and coat supplying it with a powerful infusion of natural minerals which supports the relief of itchy, dry skin. The fine mud grains clean the skin, removing dirt particles and impurities while absorbing toxins. It gently peels away dead skin cells, to reveal a healthier layer of skin while improving new skin generation. Mudbath provides the skin with exceptional moisturizing while helping maintain natural skin hydration.

Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo or Oatmeal Baking Soda Waterless Bath are fantastic solutions for itchy, smelly skin and coat. Naturally lifts and washes away odors, dirt and debris.

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