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Causes: Shedding is just a natural part of owning a dog. Light is the biggest contributor of the shedding cycle. Artificial light in a house can cause indoor dogs to shed more than outdoor dogs. Other factors which can affect shedding are illness, disease, hormonal changes, pregnancy, skin problems, bacterial infections and stress. Double coated dogs shed at least once a year. Short coated dogs shed in a mosaic pattern and can shed year round. When a dog is in a shedding cycle it is good to bathe, dry and brush the dog to remove the dead coat. This helps the skin to breathe. Removing the dead coat will help uncover hidden matting, hot spots and many other skin problems. See your veterinarian if you see excessive shedding, bald spots or symmetric hair loss.

Espree has solutions for Shedding:

Espree Products that help (type product name in “Product Search” for more details):

Simple Shed Shampoo - A gentle “de-shed” shampoo formulated to release loose hair and dead undercoat while removing dirt and oils. Natural Oat Protein and Aloe Vera strengthen hair shafts to create the best coat condition possible. Use a force dryer and dry the coat thoroughly 100%.  Use a shedding tool for best results.

Simple Shed Treatment – A gentle “de-shed” treatment solution formulated to release loose hair and undercoat. Natural Oat Proteins and Aloe strengthen the hair shafts of viable strands to create the best coat condition possible. Frequent use will reduce seasonal and non-seasonal shedding, use with a de-shedding tool.

Simple Shed and Static Spray – Natural oils aid in the relief of itching and scratching due to dry problem skin while strengthening and conditioning the hair shaft. Aids in the removal of static electricity allowing easy combing and brushing.

Aloe Hydrating Spray - A moisturizing spray that instantly hydrates the skin and coat. Aloe soothes itchy skin and helps moisture penetrate the hair shaft and skin. Vegetable based glycerin acts as a humectant, moisturizing the coat as well as sealing moisture in the coat and skin. This is an exceptionally good product for dogs that come in with dry itchy skin problems or lifeless dry coats. The pH balanced formula creates a more pliable coat during and after grooming.

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