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Tear Stains and Eye Issues

Causes:  There are multiple causes of tear staining, including excessive tearing, genetics, health, diet and allergies.

1. The most common cause of tear staining is excessive tearing. Eliminating excess tearing is one of the best ways to stop staining. If there is any foul odor associated with the staining a vet visit is recommended.  

2. When the facial hair is wet it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast to grow. Keeping the hair away from the face will prevent hair from falling into the eyes causing irritation.

3. A change in diet and drinking bottled water can also help control excessive tearing.

Espree has solutions for Tear Stains and Eye Issues:

Espree Products that help (type product name in “Product Search” for more details):

Tear Stain & Spot Remover - Using Espree’s Tear Stain & Spot Remover helps lighten, remove and restore the original coat color. Chamomile and Camphor help restore the original color and softness of the fur without drying, stinging or irritating. May be used in other heavily stained areas to remove protein build-up such as food, urine, saliva and blood and does not contain bleach or alcohol. Safe for use around eyes and other delicate tissues.

Optisoothe Eye Wash - Other common eye problems might be foreign objects in the eye, cornea injuries, or dry eye. These can all be eased by using Espree’s Eye Wash to help flush the eye of the irritant and sooth the eye. This saline and Aloe solution rinses irritation caused by dryness and environmental exposure and helps relieve burning, stinging and itching. Protects against further eye irritation.

Facial Cleansers (Aloe Oat, Oatmeal Baking Soda, Plum Perfect, Rainforest) - Flaps and folds on the short faced dogs are a breeding ground for yeast and infections if those areas are not kept cleaned. Using a facial cleaner to keep the area clean and dry in-between baths will control odor and prevent vet bills. Gentle tearless foaming facials cleanser will remove dirt and unsightly tear and food stains while brightening any facial coloring. The light and airy tearless foam leaves a fragrant scent to the face. May be used as a quick spot cleaner on the body, legs, paws or tail.

Blueberry Bliss Shampoo - A healthy skin, coat and facial shampoo full of vitamins, Blueberry antioxidants, minerals, Shea Butter and organically grown Aloe Vera. Our fragrant formula is gentle and tearless for facial use to easily clean away staining and odors.  Perfect for coat brightening, cleansing and neutralizing of excessive oils for a full body shampoo. May be used as a facial.

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